Dr Nutan Thakur,INVC,
Lucknow ,
In a petition filed in Lucknow bench of Allahabad High Court by social activist Dr Nutan Thakur asking for a Ministry for Majority communities just like the Minority Affairs ministry, the Government of India has said that creation of a separate Majority Ministry is not called for.

The affidavit filed by A P Singh, Under Secretary, Ministry of Social Justice says that Hindus are not being discriminated in any manner and creation of a Minority Ministry does not in any way discriminate against Hindus.

It says that Minority Ministry is created under Article 29 for protecting the interest of minorities, which includes any group having distinct language, script etc. The government denied having large number of functions and programs based solely on religion.

In her petition, Dr Thakur had said that Article 15(1) completely prohibits discrimination based only on religion but Minority ministry has been formed with large number of programs solely for minorities, which majority groups are being denied.


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