Modi government trying to destroy democracy: Mallikarjun Kharge

Mallikarjun Kharge with rahul gandhi
Mallikarjun Kharge with rahul gandhi

New Delhi – : The Congress is attacking the Modi government over the claims of former Twitter CEO Jack Dorsey. The Congress is saying that the Modi government is trying to destroy democracy. In fact, Congress President Mallikarjun Kharge, through a tweet, has targeted the BJP government at the Center regarding the whole matter. Kharge said that we are going to foil the conspiracy to end democracy.

Kharge said that the political descendants of BJP-RSS who stood against Indians in the freedom movement and fought on the side of the British should not pretend to be nationalists on the statement of former CEO of Twitter! He said that BJP is on top in embarrassing the country.

From the slavery of the British, BJP has only adopted the toolkit of dictatorship. Congress President Kharge said that the Modi government did nothing to crush the farmer’s movement. Prime Minister Modi himself called the agitators of the food giver farmers. The Chief Minister of UP accused the farmers of taking foreign funding. He claimed that BJP ministers and leaders called farmers Naxalite terrorists and traitors.

Kharge said barbed wire cement walls tried to block their way by laying nails on the road. Tortured them with sticks. 750 farmers lost their lives. Far from paying tribute and compensation to them, there was not even a minute’s silence in Parliament for those martyrs. He claimed that even today 1.48 lakh farmers are forced to fight the cases registered during the farmer’s movement. Kharge said that if all this is done, then threatening journalists and leaders of the farmer’s movement is not a big deal for the Modi government.


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