Mobile Part time job scammer cheated women Rs 8 lakh looted online


In a chilling incident that underscores the pervasive threat of online fraud, a woman in the bustling capital of Raipur fell victim to a cunning scheme disguised as a part-time job opportunity. The harrowing tale unfolds with Pinky Sahu, the unfortunate victim, who found herself ensnared in a web of deceit and exploitation.

The Deceptive Prelude: A Tempting Offer Turns Sour

The saga began innocuously enough, with Pinky receiving an enticing proposition via an unexpected phone call from an unknown number. Promised quick and easy money in exchange for completing simple tasks, Pinky’s interest was piqued. Little did she know, this seemingly golden opportunity would soon reveal its sinister underbelly.

The Initial Glimmer of Hope: A Modest Reward

Initially, the scheme appeared to deliver on its promises, as Pinky received a modest sum of Rs 200 upon completing her first task. This meager reward served as the initial lure, drawing her deeper into the trap laid by the cunning fraudsters.

The Trap is Sprung: Exploitation and Extortion Unleashed

Buoyed by Pinky’s compliance, the perpetrators swiftly escalated their demands, coercing her into transferring a staggering Rs 8.5 lakh across 14 installments. Under the guise of promising profits in various bank accounts, they manipulated Pinky into believing in the legitimacy of their enterprise. However, this facade of opportunity masked the insidious reality of exploitation and deceit.

The Grim Revelation: A Heartbreaking Realization

As the scheme unraveled, Pinky’s hopes were dashed, and the stark truth emerged – she had fallen victim to a calculated act of fraud. When she mustered the courage to demand the return of her funds, the fraudsters callously rebuffed her, citing false claims of income tax obligations and demanding further payments. It was then that Pinky realized the extent of her deception.

Seeking Recourse: A Quest for Justice

Undeterred by her ordeal, Pinky took decisive action, lodging a formal complaint with the authorities at the Tikrapara police station. Her bravery in the face of adversity serves as a rallying cry for others who may have fallen prey to similar schemes, urging them to come forward and seek justice.

A Cautionary Tale

The plight of Pinky Sahu serves as a stark reminder of the dangers lurking in the digital landscape. In an age where opportunistic fraudsters prey upon unsuspecting individuals, vigilance is paramount. Let her story be a beacon of warning, guiding others to exercise caution and skepticism when faced with enticing offers that seem too good to be true.


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