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Friday, January 28th, 2022

M/o Culture organizes National Cultural Festival in Simhastha Kumbh in Ujjain from April 22, 2016

sINVC NEWS New Delhi, A National Cultural Festival (NCF) has been organized by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India at Ujjain, Madhya Pradesh as part of “Simhastha Kumbh” starting from April 22, 2016. All seven Cultural Zones of the country along with Lalit Kala Akademi, Sangeet Natak Akademi, National School of Drama, CCRT, and Sahitya Akademi, New Delhi will be participating in the festival organized in collaboration with Govt. of Madhya Pradesh. Around 3,000 artists from all over India have been invited to perform at the festival that will see a huge gathering.Daily performances will take place on four platforms named – Garh Kalika Manch, Agar Manch, Bhookhi Mata and Sadaval Manch. SCZCC, Nagpur has been appointed as Nodal Agency by the Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. The Centre has put in every effort to make the event grand and a memorable experience. Pt. Jasraj will perform on the inaugural day. Vedic chants and devotional songs every morning to start the day. Over 150 Rangoli artists will be making their presentations every day. Over 300 painters will be displaying their creativity documenting the various aspects of Simhastha Kumbh. All creations will be exhibited in New Delhi in a big way and a coffee table book will be published after conclusion of the Kumbh Festival. Well-known artists of the nation will be showcasing their talent. Divine classical, semi-classical and light music and folk and dances, kavi sammelan, plays, rangoli, art workshops, book exhibitions will be some of the major attractions of the festival.Artists will also make presentations to convey a message on keeping rivers pure and clean. South Central Zone Cultural Centre, Nagpur is the Nodal Agency for the festival. The Simhastha Kumbh is being organized by the Govt. of Madhya Pradesh from 22 April to 21 May, 2016 at Ujjain, which will be a heart-warming experience for all the devotees. There will be many teertha yatris who will be arriving at the site from various parts of the country. This festival will be a major attraction for foreign tourists as well, who will be thronging the venue. The Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India, therefore, has organized the National Cultural Festival for the visitors. The Ministry of Culture has entrusted its many organizations to carry out colourful presentations reflecting the Nation’s cultural heritage. All the presentations will be made on separate platforms so as to enable visitors to choose the presentation of their choice for viewing. The platform will be used for showcasing devotional, classical, semi-classical music, light music, folk music, folk dances, kavi sammelan, plays, Rangoli, art camps and book exhibitions. The programmes on each day will commence with chanting of Vedic hymns. There will be colourful Rangolis drawn by accomplished artists that will provide a festive look to the entire scene. Around 150 Rangoli artists will showcase their talent. More than 300 painters who are well-versed with traditional and modern art will document the Simhastha Kumbh that will provide vital knowledge to the next generation. There will also be exhibition organized to display all the artistic creations and a coffee-table book will be released on the occasion, which will help promote information about artists and their creation amongst various countries. Lalit Kala Akademi, Sahitya Akademi, Sangeet Natak Akademi and other organizations will put up exhibition on books and art objects. Tourists and visitors will get to see the best of Indian art and culture at the site that will also be publicized the world over. Renowned artists will also convey a message to the people for protecting our rivers and keeping them pure and healthy, thereby joining hands of national theme of cleanliness. All the visitors, teerth yatris will enjoy every moment and get tremendous satisfaction of having made a fruitful visit to the Kumbh Simhastha.



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