Monday, August 10th, 2020

‘MKTG’ book on new paradigm in marketing unveils in tricity

‘MKTG’ book on new paradigm in marketing unveils in tricityINVC, Chandigarh, Cengage Learning, a leading global provider of innovative teaching, learning and research solutions has released their book MKTG during a press meet on New Paradigm in Marketing at Press Club here today. The book, authored by world renowned Professor Charles W. Lamb from Texas Christian University, Professor Joe F. Hair from Kennesaw State University, Dr. Dheeraj Sharma from Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad and Dr. Carl McDaniel from University of Texas, Arlington, is part of Cengage Learning’s recent brand 4LTR Press. The book in tricity was unveiled by Dr. Dheeraj Sharma.  4LTR Press is a widely acclaimed concept of learning with a simple approach, creating an innovative teaching and learning solution built around today’s learners and teachers.  Each 4LTR Press title begins with student research and includes both student and faculty feedback throughout development. This student-tested, faculty-approved process means student requests and preferences are answered and faculty needs and concerns are met. The 4LTR publishing process puts students in conversation with their educational material, and by association, in conversation with educators and in classrooms.

  • MEET Conduct research with students in a given course area about their challenges and learning preferences.
  • SHOW Develop the ideal mix of tools and features with students that address the unique needs of each course.
  • TEST Share student feedback and validate this mix of tools, features, and content with faculty and refine.
  • WORK Publish a Student-Tested, Faculty-Approved solution which becomes a new entry to continual student feedback as needs change.

4LTR Press books have helped more than 1,800,000 college students at over 2,000 schools succeed worldwide. Cengage Learning India has introduced this series of books to students and teachers in South Asia to help them benefit from this innovative concept in management studies.  MKTG, a 4LTR Press product, takes into account and integrates the inputs from discipline-specific focus groups, conversations, and surveys and presents the content in a visually engaging page layout, keeping intact the high-quality content instructors need. It adopts a persuasive visual medium and offers a balanced approach, demonstrating how to use marketing information to make business decisions. The book aims at enjoyable reading and easy attention using comprehensive pedagogical features.



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