Friday, May 29th, 2020

Ministry of Tourism Says Tiger Reserves in India to Remain Open for Tourism

INVC,, New Delhi,, There are reports in both national and international Media that the Government was planning to stop tourism activities in the country’s Tiger Reserves. There is no such plan or proposal. Ministry of Tourism, lays emphasis on development & promotion of Tourism on a sustainable & responsible basis safeguarding the environmental interest as laid down in the National Tourism Policy 2002. In the recent years it has been assessed that there is a growing trend towards travel to eco tourism destinations like National Parks and Wildlife Sanctuaries. Considering this trend a series of interactions have been organised by Ministry of Tourism with the stakeholders, State Governments and Ministry of Environment & Forests under the initiative “Tigers – Our National Beauties”. The Government of India's Policy is to develop a set of Guidelines for eco tourism where tourism takes place in a sustainable way, linked to the carrying capacity of the reserves. There is no intention in the Government to stop Tourism at Tiger Reserves. Tourism at some Reserves needs to be better regulated as revenues generated from visitors can flow back directly into the management of each of the tiger reserve. tur



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