In New York City, America, a way to get rid of rats is being searched for a long time. A study has made a shocking claim. The study said that the risk of spreading the corona virus from millions of rats has increased. Researchers at the University of Missouri have studied this.

According to the researchers, if such a large number of rats get infected, then the population of the city will again come under the grip of corona. According to the media, there are about eight million feral rats in the Big Apple ie New York and they are also widely spread in other cities of America.

This study has been published in the AmBio Journal of the American Society for Microbiology. Researchers told the media that rats can also be affected by any corona variants like humans. According to scientists, it is not yet clear how these wild rats can get infected, for this they will have to do their own research.

For research, those rats that live near the sewage system will have to be caught, this operation will be done in Brooklyn with the permission of local officials. Similar research was done by the scientists between September and November 2021. Samples were collected from 79 rats caught and found that 13 of them were infected with the corona virus.


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