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Sunday, October 24th, 2021

Millions from 100 Nations join World's Biggest Online Meditation Event ‘Ekam World Peace Festival 2021

 o   World’s biggest online meditation aims at world peace, solidarity.

o   Sessions on official YouTube channel of PK Consciousness & Ekam accessible in 19 languages

o   Chief Guests include:

Dr. Joe Dispenza - New York Times best selling author, Researcher of epigenetics, quantum physics and neuroscience,

Ms. GolrizGhahraman - an Iranian-born New Zealand politician, the first ever refugee to be elected to New Zealand Parliament and

His Excellency Satya S Tripathi - Secretary General, Global Alliance for a sustainable planet

and many other world leaders


New Delhi,

Over 100 nations. 20 million participants. 19 languages. 3 days. That in a nutshell is the scale, reach and vision of ‘EkamWorld Peace Festival 2021’, the world’s biggest online meditation festival attended by who’s who from the world of politics, science, sports, and culture for one noble cause: achieving world peace and solidarity.

Conceived by the enlightened sages Sri Preethaji& Sri Krishnaji, the three-day event started with a “Peace for Healing Economic Unrest” meditation on September 17 at EKAM Headquarters. The meditation focussed on alleviating the economic inequality and suffering ushered in by the pandemic, around the world. This is the fourth edition of the festival, and with each edition its legion of peace meditators & peacemakers  is only growing by leaps and bounds.

On the second day of the World Peace Festival (September 18, Saturday), the event focussed on bringing an end to hatredness and divisiveness through meditation. The programme is titled ‘Peace for Healing Division.’ The sessions have been well grounded in Ekam’s philosophy of “Peace for All”, including the planet we inhabit. Explaining the significance of meditation, Sri Krishnaji said:“As we connect to Ekam - The Oneness field of consciousness and meditate for peace, Ekam will amplify the Peace energy generated by our collective meditation and radiate it back into our families, workplaces communities and to all living beings.”

The peace festival, which began its journey three years ago, has witnessed overwhelming response and participation from world leaders and celebrities including, Erik Solheim, Norwegian diplomat and politican, KailashSatyarthi, Nobel peace prize winner, Mithali Raj, cricketer, John L Petersen, futurist and founder Arlington Institute, Gregg Braden, best-selling author, MengFoon, New Zealand’s race relations commissioner and SainaNehwal, badminton champion.

Some of the notable names attending the event this year,include New York Times best-selling author, physicist and neuroscientist Dr. Joe Dispenza,, the first ever refugee to be elected to New Zealand parliament, GlorizGhahraman and  Secretary General ofGlobal Alliance for A Sustainable Planet  Satya S Tripathi.

Earlier inaugurating the event along with Sri Krishnaji, Sri Preethaji, the co-creators
of the peace festival said: “The purpose of Ekam festival is to break the primitive division driven mind in millions and awaken them to collective oneness. Peace happens when you realise that our differences are superficial. Peace is either for all of us or none of us,” Sri Preethaji said.

Echoing his words Sri Krishnaji explained the concept and philosophy behind“Ekam sat viprahabahuduhaavadhanthi”. 

“This means that we are a part of one cosmic reality beyond all forms, appearances, races, religious beliefs, biological and emotional inclinations, the one or Ekam. Beyond these differences is the one field of consciousness that animates us all,” said Krishnaji.“The Ekam World PeaceFestival opens you up to this intelligence. We are hopeful that this year’s festival will inspire millions across the globe to realise the significance of peace in these chaotic and tough times,”Sri Krishnaji said.“An awakened wealth creator is driven by purpose, one that is larger than oneself,” Krishnaji added.         

Dr Joe Dispenza, author, physicist and neuroscientist said knowledge is for the mind and experience for the body. “Only when it becomes a part of our being and biology, and flows into our way of living, we embody the truth of that philosophy.” During one of the mind-calming sessions when asked how to create a glorious state of peace, Dr Joe explained, “If we focus on this consciously that we are all connected, that there’s a oneness or there's indivisibility about us, then that experience is peace.” He further added that peace needs to be integrated in the ‘Nervous System’. “It’s not enough for us to think but focus on peace, we have to study it, integrate it into our nervous system and learning, making new connections in the brain on Peace.”

Themeditationsession, open to all, lastsfor 55 minutes each, and begins from 6 pm onwards (IST). The event is live streamed on youtube channels (covered by PK Consciousness’, the official YouTube channel of Sri Preethaji & Sri Krishnaji and Ekam, official YouTube channel for Ekam& the Ekam FB channel, founded by Sri Preethaji &Sri Krishnaji) and Facebook pages and is accessible to people in 19 different languages, including Hindi, Malayalam, Tamil, Telugu, and Kannada, Spanish, Italian, Russian, German, Swedish, Chinese, and Korean, to name a few.

One of the key objectives of the festival will be to build a community of peace partners comprising media houses, local cable channels, streaming platforms and peace villages, from around the world, where the sessions are live streamed, so that people can unite for world peace.To align with this vision, Ekam World PeaceFestival was  officially launched in 43 cities around the world this year. The idea is to create a mass movement so that humanity can return to the path of oneness and peace.

The three day festival  will conclude on September 19th(Sunday) with a meditation for healing the planet.Anyone, from a meditation veteran to a yoga greenhorn can join the event at the designated time from any part of the globe.



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