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Sunday, January 16th, 2022

Mewat is the  land of martyrs

Haryana Chief Minister Manohar Lal while addressing the Haryana Pragati Rally at Manhu Chopda in Ferozepur Jhirka assembly constituency on Saturday saluted the brave martyrs of Mewat and called it the land of Shaheed-e-Zameen.

        Mewat is the  land of martyrs.  Whenever invaders have  attacked the country, the Mewatis kept the country supreme and  sacrificed their lives for the country, said Sh. Manohar Lal.

        Referring to the brave  Shaheed Hasan Khan Mewati,  the Chief Minister said that Hasan Khan Mewati, while  showing supreme bravery fought for the country with foreign invaders along with 12000 Mewatis and laid down his life for the sake of country's independence.

Development bonanza for Mewat

During the Rally, the Chief Minister announced various projects worth about Rs. 250  crore to strengthen the infrastructure of Mewat. He  said that in the last five years, the present state  government has spent Rs 1,300 crore for the development of Mewat.

        Earlier, Sh Naseem Ahmed, the organizer of Pragati Rally and State President of Minority Morcha, placed more than 50 demands for consideration of the Chief Minister, responding to which the Chief Minister announced to fulfill almost all the demands.

        Sh. Manohar Lal also  gave approval to build a district level sports stadium at Nuh at a cost of Rs. 30 crore.  Similarly, an amount of Rs. 2.50 crore was sanctioned for fruit production in Nuh, PWD rest house in Punhana, upgradation of Tigaon PHC and an amount of Rs 3.50 crore for construction of new PHC in Agon.

        The Chief Minister also gave approval for installation of street light from Tijara Road to Shiv Mandir in Firozpur Jhirka, bypass from Tijara Marg to Sidhrawat, upgrading school in Manhu from Xth standard till XII, construction  of community park in Punhana at a cost of Rs. 2.50 crore, rest house and sports stadium at Gheeda, Punhana.  

        Taking care of all the three assembly constituencies of Nuh district, the Chief Minister made all these announcements.  

He also announced construction of community building in Pingawan section of Punhana, construction and improvement of roads in Punhana and Firozpur Jhirka at a cost of Rs. 11 crore, library construction in Nagina, street lights from Badkali Chowk to Nagina, and four laning of  much-loved Gurugram-Alwar highway.

The Chief Minister said that for rural development, the government has created a Gram Darshan Portal.  He said that all the 96 demands of Mewat on the Gram Darshan Portal would also be fulfilled.

The Chief Minister said that work has been done to fulfill the demands put forward by former MLA Naseem Ahmed.  He said that demands worth Rs. 70 to 75 crore have been fulfilled on the spot.  

        He said that under Shivdham Yojna, provision of water in all the crematoriums and graveyards of the state and the amount for construction of roads for them would also be approved.  

Sh.  Manohar Lal said that industrial areas would be set up in all the nine blocks of the district to generate employment opportunities in Mewat.  For this, the announcement of setting up of small cluster of industries in all these blocks was made by the Chief Minister.

        In order to increase the educational scope in Nuh, Sh. Manohar Lal announced to set up B.Ed classes in any government college here.  He said that about  100  urdu teachers will be recruited and teachers will be appointed in vacant places by next year to promote Urdu here.  

        Crusher plant licenses would be made to increase the means of employment in Mewat, he added.

Expressing concern about Mewat, which is backward in vaccination, the Chief Minister called upon the people to get their vaccination done soon.  

He said that to increase the quantity of water coming from Mewat canal, it would be increased from 100 cusecs to 150 cusecs.  

        The Chief Minister  said that the government is making various efforts to promote the construction of Kotla lake and water conservation from it.  The government has considered that the Kotla lake, which is presently built in 100 acres, should be made in 250 acres.  For this, farmers will have to give land at the prescribed ie collector rate.  If a farmer gives land for Kotla Lake, he can also be given land in lieu of land, he added.

        Chief Minister also talked about resolving the issue of driving license on the demand of former MLA Naseem Ahmed.  He said that to increase employment in the field of driving, a driving school is being opened in Chhapeda village.  Apart from this, seats will be increased as per the requirement in the driving school run by Haryana State Transport Department.

        The Chief Minister said that soon the construction of Nagina Tijara Marg would be completed in six months.

        While speaking on the occasion, State BJP President Sh. O.P Dhankhar said that presently the festival of independence is being celebrated in the state.  It is also necessary to remember the heroes of Mewat on this occasion.  He said that 10,000  people of Mewat sacrificed their lives for the country's independence. Their sacrifice is a matter of pride and should never be forgotten.



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