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Realizing the aftermaths and destructive effects of corruption, a wide segment of city residents are all set to fight corruption by supporting Swami Ramdev Baba’s movement against corruption. Members of the Save Indian Family Foundation, All India Mother In Law Protection Forum and Child Rights Initiative for Share Parenting, Chandigarh chapter have extended their support to Baba Ramdev in fight the corruption and have decided to boycott the upcoming Elections.

The members the NGOs this evening announced unconditional support in the city to Baba Ramdev, who was forcibly taken into custody by the Delhi Police. Gaurav Saini, co-ordination, Save Indian Family Foundation speaking to media at Shanti Kunj, Sector 16 today said, “The entire happenings of last night are completely un-constitutional. Peaceful protest is an important component of every Democracy. The Govt has tried to suppress the voice of the nation.” “We have extended our moral support to Ramdev and we will boycott the upcoming Municiapl Corporation election and the Assembly Elections scheduled for early next year,” added Mrs Manjit Puri, President, All India Mothers-in-law Protection Forum.

“Baba issue has gained momentum as a National issue now and no Indian citizen stay immune of this phenomenon. It is the movement for truth. We extend un-conditional support to Baba Ramdev and will observe fasts till all the demands are agreed by the Government. The Central Government is exploiting the whole country with a new scam mushrooming every other day. Atleast now we can do something for our country by voting this party out from our system completely”, said the members. The members also distributed stickers in offices and shops to make people aware of the menace of corruption. “If Annaji can join an indefinite fast at the age of 73 then why cant we do the same. We will spread the message of corruption-free India and try to raise maximum support for Baba Ramdev’s movement. We have decided that the entire SIFF and AIMPF will join his movement along with civil society to take this issue to its final conclusion. We were shocked about the kind of action that was taken against Ramdev. Not only was he arrested but women and children who were participating in the fast were beaten up which reminds me of the Jallianwala Bagh incident in Punjab during the British rule,” added Manjit Puri (President All India Mother In Law Protection Forum)  while representing the members of the three organization. Over 70 activists from all walks of life were present for the protest.


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