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Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Mega mock drill held at various places in Panchkula

Mega mock drill held at various places in Panchkula,Harsh Gupta, P  Raghvendra Rao, IAS, Principal Secretary Urban Local Bodies, Govt. of Haryana, Ashima Brar,INVC, Panchkula, District Administration in active collaboration with NDRF conducted a mega Mock Drill at 15 various sites in Panchkula. Around 1500 Officers and personnel of various departments participated in the drill and it was monitored and supervised by senior NDMA and State Govt. authorities Harsh Gupta, member NDMA, P. Raghvendra Rao, IAS, Principal Secretary Urban Local Bodies, Govt. of Haryana, Ashima Brar, Deputy Commissioner, and as well army and air force observers.  The teams demonstrated creating suspension bridges with ropes and harnesses and taking out uninjured victims by helping them slither. They showed how the less injured could be brought down from the affected building by loading stretchers on these bridges which came sliding down in no time. Bringing him down the victim is taken out of the packed stretcher, given support under his legs by doctors and shifted to a hospital in another stretcher.  For those who remained trapped in little space under the debris, the jawans also showed how the victim’s hands and feet could simply be fastened around their body as they themselves came crawling out in monkey style.  Deputy Commissioner apprised that Distt. Administration had made extensive arrangements for the successful demonstration and completion of such mock drills. She told that basic scenario of such mock drill was earthquake and outbreak of fire. Services of around 20 fire fighting systems, 19 Ambulance, 15 JCB machine and various water tankers along with staff was utilized for the successful completion of these drills. One central EOC was established at Mini Secretariat to assist the incident command post (ICP) established at various sites in Panchkula. As and when any assistance sought by any ICP, that was provided to them by the EOC. Besides these, two relief centers were also established namely at Sport Complex, Sec-3 and Inder Dhanush Auditorium Sec-5 by the Distt. Administration for the refuge and rehabilitation of referral cases from the ICP’s. Deputy Commissioner also informed that during the drills, traffic arrangement in the city was managed effectively by the traffic department and around 17 police officials and 330 constable of Police department participated in the event. During the mock drills, 225 notional victims were provided rescue by various rescuing forces including 48 persons with red tag, 61 persons yellow tag and 8 persons with Black tag. Red tags used for serious injuries, yellow for some other injury, green for ok, black for dead declared and white for taking to causality camp. Ashima Brar also appreciated the demonstrative rescuing skills displayed by NDRF during the drills. She hoped that people who have witnessed such demonstrative programmes will gain a lot for future to cope-up effectively in the hour of such natural calamities. She also exhorted to the people to propagate the witnessed knowledge to those who could not visualize these demonstrative awareness programmes to day.



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