Monday, June 1st, 2020

Media has a major role to change the society - MP Sardinha

INVC,, Chandigarh, Media is a major partner in changing the systems in the society and government, says Member of Parliament and Ex-chief Minister of Goa Mr. Francisco Sardinha. He attends the 5th anniversary celebrations of Azad Kanooni Shikanja, a month socio anti-crime magazine. The celebrations held by the AKS Media group on the eve of their 5th anniversary celebrated at Punjab Kala Bhawan, Sector 16, Chd on 11th July, 2011. The event was hosted by lot of journalists, politicians, police officials, social organizations and public. Mr. Sardinha says that he has seen the magazine on one of the occasions and right from that period, he regularly started reading it He appreciates the selfish less efforts put by the Media group in fighting against the corruption and crime. Media plays a vital role in changing the socio-economical systems and its contribution has become a mandatory icon in the today’s day to day world.. says Mr. Sardinha. He appreciated the participation of so many people in the society and it proves their efforts and sincerity in the society. He also suggests that Journalism and Media should be utilized for a positive cause and never to misguide their powers. The Chandigarh Mayor Ravinder Pal Singh Pali joins the ideas with Mr. Sardinha and says that Mr. Sardinha is one of the most senior politicians and his simplicity and practical approach to be appreciated by everyone and also to be followed. Mr. Deepinder Singh Dhillon, Member PPCC has also joined the event and said that Mr. Katru, the chief editor of AKS Media group has to be appreciated as they have been solving out the issues for the general public which have been pending from a very long periods. Mr. Balbir Singh Sidhu, MLA prices that AKS media has really been quite active right from their inauguration the kind of the awareness that they are generating in the public and in government officials are to be appreciated. He says that the contribution of AKS would certainly take them to better heights in their career. Mr.Sital Dass Katru, the Chief Editor of AKS group honours about 150 reports who are committed for the social benefits and putting their efforts through the publication. He also expresses his interest in making this as a daily news-paper soon. The publication is established to be public friendly and to sort of unsolvable problems of the people and to act as a bridge between public and the police or political officials. The event was attracted by large gathering. The Punjabi Sahitya  Sabhyacharak Manch has organized their cultural programs during this event and has gained lot of appreciates by the public.



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