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Panaji Goa,
The well known film maker and cinematographer Govind Nihalani interacted with the press on a tribute “Remembering V K Murthy” at 45th IFFI in Goa today. Mr Nihalani said that the masterpieces like Pyaasa, Saheb Bibi aur Gulam and Kaagaz ke Phool were a result of perfect synchronization between the duo of Guru Dutt as Director and V K Murthy as Cinematographer. Guru Dutt gave a new dimension to his craft; he gave him space and liberty to express himself fully.

While working with V K Murthy, Govind Nihalani was impressed by his courage, experimentation and penchant for ‘not the usual’ which resulted in memorable films. Murthy was a natural and had a perfect sense of lighting which made the director’s job very easy, he said. It was with Murthy’s help that he was able to produce a work like Tamas, Nihalani acknowledged.

Murthy had a different philosophy towards cinematic image and that was to use it to create a mood, an emotion and give an experience. It was because of this, Murthy became the pioneer of a style called ‘dramatic realism’ . It was important to understand and learn this philosophy while training with him, explains Govind Nihalini.

Mr Nihalani explained that Murthy used new technology like cinemascope lens and 3X films to create unbelievable shots. .Elaborating his achievments, Nihalani said that Murthy produced the first cinemascope film and was the first technician to receive Dada Saheb Phalke award. The cinematographer also worked on the film Guns of Navarone for sometime. V. K Murthy passed away this year.


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