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Thursday, November 26th, 2020

Master-Stroke And Knock Out Punch Against Upa - Badal On Modi As Bjp Campaign Spearhead

modiINVC, Punjab, The Punjab Chief Minister Mr. Parkash Singh Badal today hailed the elevation of the Gujarat Chief Minister Mr. Narendra Modi as the Chairman of the Bhartiya Janata Party’s Election Campaign Committee for the forthcoming Lok Sabha election, scheduled for 2014. Mr. Badal described Mr.Modi’s elevation as “a master-strokeand a knock out punch against a staggering UPA government and Congress party. This has already sent shock-waves in the UPA and completely demoralized it, as is borne out by their nervous reactions of their leaders,” said the Punjab CM, in a statement here this afternoon. Mr. Badal added that the political climate in the country clearly pointed towards a strong anti-Congress and anti-UPA wave.  Badal who arrived in Mumbai on a four day official visit this afternoon spoke to Mr. Modi over the phone to personally congratulate him immediately after the news of the Gujarat Chief Minister’s appointment as the campaign spearhead of the BJP’s Election Campaign Committee poured in. The Punjab Chief Minister also spoke to the BJP President Mr. Rajnath Singh on the phone soon after an announcement on the BJP’s choice came, and congratulated him on the decision. The Chief Minister described the development as “a master-stroke” and said that Mr. Modi’s proven hold over the popular imagination combined with the sober and experienced leadership of Mr. Rajnath Singh himself would prove to be a deadly combination, too hot for the Congress to handle. “Mr. Modi’s proven appeal to the poor and the middle classes and Mr. Rajnath Singh’s stature as a leader of masses, especially of the peasants, are factors that even their opponents can not contest. We are heading towards a landslide win in 2014 ,” said the CM  Mr. Badal conveyed his best wishes to Mr. Modi for leading his party and allies to an resounding victory in the Lok Sabha polls. ‘You have assumed charge at a time when the country is looking to deliver the clinching blow to the scam-tainted and already staggering United Progressive Alliance led by the Congress party. Mr. Badal expressed the confidence that Mr.Modi’s long experience in managing highly successful election campaigns against the Congress in Gujarat would be an asset to the BJP and allies in the forthcoming poll. “Mr. Modi’s stature as a mass-leader with a strong hold over the grass-root politics, and his long record and reputation as an outstandingly capable administrator would be more than an effective counter to the inept, corruption-laden and confused UPA government at the center. His clarity of ideas on development and governance and his highly impressive record as a mass-mobiliser and crowd-puller are great assets for the BJP and allies” said Mr. Badal in a statement here.  Commenting on the political climate in the country, Mr. Badal said, “ The UPA has already overstayed its welcome. People desperately want change. This is the beginning of the end of the scam-tainted UPA govt at the center. Mr. Modi’s elevation gives a headstart to the BJP and allies in the run up to the elections,” said the five-time Chief Minister of Punjab, who is himself a veteran of many a successful elections campaigns against the Congress and the undisputed and the tallest leader of the BJP’s longest-standing and most reliable alliance partner, the SAD.  Mr. Badal said that the UPA had let the country down badly on every front. “Rocked by countless corruption and other scandals and unprecedented failures on all fronts including internal and external security , development, price control and peace and communal harmony, the UPA government is like house collapsing under the weight of its own misdeeds and contradictions. All it needs is a little push and it will come crashing down. Mr. Modi’s appointment as campaign spearhead of the BJP will provide that push,” said the Punjab Chief Minister.



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