Massive Dhaka Protest: Thousands Demand Sheikh Hasina’s Resignation

Protest against Sheikh Hasina
Protest against Sheikh Hasina

Dhaka :
Dhaka witnessed a massive protest on Wednesday as thousands of people took to the streets demanding the resignation of Prime Minister Sheikh Hasina. The protest was organized by the main opposition party of Bangladesh, the Bangladesh Nationalist Party, and was joined by people from various locations, resulting in a 13-kilometer long march in the capital city.

The demonstration was not without its share of violence, as one opposition party worker lost their life, and hundreds of others sustained injuries during the rallies. The protesters and the opposition are demanding a re-election, expressing their discontent with the current government led by Sheikh Hasina.

The situation remains tense as the people continue to voice their grievances and call for a change in leadership. Local media outlets have been covering the protests, bringing attention to the growing unrest in the country.


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