Maplee Ltd. presents a featured concept to make waiting hours fun and productive



New Delhi,
At Oxford Bookstore. New Delhi, Founder of Maplee Ltd, Mr. Ayush Singh presented his unconventional approach to creating experience zones with automobiles. The event uncovered the first ever product of Maplee with exclusive services that will be offered at airports, stations, and other public places.

Maplee is a UK based start-up which aims at ensuring that people no longer dread waiting hours. Whether you have a halt at an airport, a layover or a delayed/ canceled flight, your waiting hours will be fun and exciting. That too, free of cost!

Speaking at the event Ayush Singh said “The services of Maplee are designed keeping in mind the changing travel scenario and the fact that waiting hours at airports are the hardest part of any journey. As regular jet fliers and travellers we’ve all had to endure the seemingly torturous act of waiting. Maplee was started with an aim of changing the experiences of our users in public spaces and here we are today showcasing our product, spectacular ultramodern experience zones developed through unique designing features using junkyard wastes of automobiles.”

Further he added that “At Maplee we’re constantly conceptualizing new designs and ideas enhanced by technology to derive spectacular travel and waiting experience of our customers.”


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