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Thursday, June 24th, 2021

Many places in Haryana are religious, historical and legendary

Haryana Tourism Minister Kanwar Pal said that to promote tourism in the state, the possibilities of boating and rafting on the Tajewala and Hathni Kund Barrage on the lines of Kerala will be explored.

               Haryana Tourism Minister, Mr. Kanwar Pal said that in order to explore tourism possibilities in Haryana the Minister is on a tour in Kerala. While giving information in this regard, Tourism Minister Mr. Kanwar Pal said that during his Kerala tour, he is looking at the places developed in different districts in Kerala and gathering information about facilities being offered by the Kerala State to the tourists at these tourist spots. The Tourism Minister said that it was being analysed as to how these schemes can be implemented in the state of Haryana so as to promote tourism in the state. He said that he visited places near sea shores and rivers of Kerala and saw that similar conditions are available here at the Tajewala and Hathini Kund barrage in Yamunanagar district and boating, rafting and other activities can be started to attract tourists here.

               He informed that to introduce such new facilities, more area will be developed here as a tourist destination, so as to enhance employment opportunities in this region and the incoming of tourists will also result in further development of the state. He told that he is also meeting the officers and tourists during his tour in Kerala so as to understand the facilities being provided to the tourists there. He said that many places in Haryana are religious, historical and legendary where such possibilities can be explored.



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