Wednesday, July 15th, 2020

Many companies fail to have USP’s. In Super Surfaces the growth potential is tremendous


Mumbai ,     

Super Surfaces, a design and delivery company that specializes in seamless luxury wall and surface finishing recently raised first round of angel funding of 0.5 million USD.  The company raised funds from NRI investor Mr. Vishnu Reddy, a serial entrepreneur and an investor based out of Washington DC. With this funding Super Surface will scale up and grow its brand. The company targets to achieve a delivery capacity of 10 lakh sqft per month by March 2023. Super Surfaces is also planning on entering the global market starting with Srilanka & Bangladesh by 2022 and USA & Australia by 2023.


“Many companies fail to have USP’s. In Super Surfaces the growth potential is tremendous. We wish to see Super Surfaces as a global brand in next 5-7 years with various formats and product ranges” said Mr. Vishnu Reddy


Kumar Varma, founder Super Surfaces started the company with the main reason to offer design and delivery solutions of surfaces with primary focus on architects and interior designers.  He holds 12+ years of professional experience in the Amusement & Theme park industry and has worked with many reputed global amusement brands. Under his leadership, Supper Surfaces is coming up with the largest and first of its kind experience center, spanning across more than 25,000 sq ft in Hyderabad.


Talking more about his company, Mr. Kumar Varma says “Indian decorative paints industry is a 70,000 cr market and growing at 15% year on year. Super Surfaces is the first Indian company to specialise in luxury market working with ARCHITECTS AND INTERIOR DESIGNERS, with custom design services. Venetian plasters or lime plasters were the oldest of painting materials used in all ancient building and construction. We use the same Venetian plaster technique with extra additives likes marble chips etc to achieve different textures”


He further added “Super Surfaces has now launched its own range of material to achieve a variety of finishes with endless design possibilities and applications. They are used for all kinds of segments like luxury villas, restaurant, real estate projects, commercial, Hospitality projects, schools, hospitals etc”


USP - Over the last 4 years, Super Surfaces did extensive research on various raw materials from all across the world mostly Italy.


Value proposition / Competitive Advantage

·         End to end services ( Design & Delivery )

·         Exclusive collection of a range of finishes suitable for all kinds of design trends

·         Highest range of raw material-exclusive partnerships with the finest manufacturers of lime plasters

·         Custom design

·         Highly trained applicators

·         The highest delivery capacity of 2lakh sqft per month & growing

·         Dedicated project management services

·         Green certified material with less VOC and less carbon emissions

·         Suitable for all LEED-certified projects


Super Surfaces believe in preserving the nature, therefore they use sustainable, eco-friendly, chemical free products. 0 VOC or very low VOC materials are used to keep the surrounding safe for their customers. Anti-Algae, Anti-cracking and Anti-bacterial factors are kept in mind to increase the life duration of surfaces and to keep the customers safe.

Super Surfaces is planning on introducing more product range in the future mostly focusing on Organic paints, textures, and plasters.


The growth of the company has been tremendous so far. The company was in R& D stage for the last 3 years and was still doing decent business with 100% growth year on year without any marketing and advertising. Interestingly 95% of the orders are reference orders from same Architects and customers.

Now with the funding in place and having its own range of raw materials and finishes from Italy they are planning to achieve a 10X growth for the next 3 years by expanding to all major metro cities.

They are looking at 20 million USD in revenues in next 4 years. Additionally, Super Surface is planning to launch 100% organic - clay based paints in next 2 years. There are many interesting products in R&D in pipe line as well.


Super Surface is not only looking for its overall growth, but is also looking out for their painters’ overall growth as well. The company is up skilling the existing painters which are the bottom of the pyramid and lowest of economic class. The opportunity as a Painter in Super Surface gives the painter the chance to earn 35k-70K per month in a single shift working 5 days in a month. They are targeting to up skill a direct force of 1000+ painters in next 5 years and an indirect of 10,000 + in the next few years.

With the opportunity given by Super Surface has helped the painters to upgrade the way of their living.

The painters now have a better home to live, have built toilets for themselves;have given better education to their children, proper sanitation for the women in the family.



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