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New Delhi,

Sarabjeet Anand, CEO, Promon-a start-up in local commerce, Sahil Baweja, Co – Founder, Now Capital and investor at Promon and Mandira Bedi, Actress and Fashion Designer announced the launch of the latest show on MTV “A DATE TO REMEMBER” in which the winner of the show will get a Honda Jazz car.

The gala launch was attended by Mr. Jatin Ahuja (M.D. of Big Boy Toyz), Mr. Jnaneswar Sen (Sr. V.P. – Marketing and Sales, Honda Cars India Ltd.), Amit Arya, Nikita Arya, Designer Rimple Narula, Designer Rosy Ahluwalia, Kanika Nanda, Cricketer Chetnya Nanda, Sunita Sharma, F Bar Owner Ajay Sharma and many more…

Promon aims to provide exclusive experience to its consumers by generating rich and curated content in the form of entertainment programs, music concerts and sports. Promon has opted a unique way of marketing the start-up and its sponsors and location partners by launching a series of shows on MTV. In December 2016 the start-up is launching “Date To Remember” their first show, which is strategized at promoting and educating people about the deals they can get in the city. The show revolves around the lives of real-life couples and puts them into series of tests to check their bonding, street smartness, humor and hunger for adventure.  The winning couple will also get selected as Promon’s brand ambassador and will be used for their nationwide ad campaigns.

As per Mr. Sarabjeet Anand, Founder, Promon, “I am delighted to announce the launch of the show and thank the brands which are supporting us. We chose MTV as the channel partner for our upcoming shows as we envision reaching our target audience (youth) through this show. Mandira Bedi is a seasoned artist and her panache and wit will add zest to the show. Next year we will be launching our other shows, which will cater to Food, Fashion and Music and help us in providing unparalleled deal enjoyment experience to our customers. We have Honda Jazz as winner’s prize, which will also be used for the shooting. I believe Jazz car fits perfectly with youth as the target.”.

Sahil Baweja, Co-Founder, Now Capital said, “This is a great start to Promon’s roadmap of TV shows. We are confident of the content, format and entertainment value of ‘Date to Remember’ and believe this innovative strategy of content curation to showcase deals will define a great success story for Promon as well as all associated brands”.

As per Mandira Bedi, “I am delighted to be a part of Promon and their show Date To Remember. The show will be shot in Delhi and Chandigarh in November and the gumption which the youth of these cities possess will enable the show to reach the zenith. I feel we need  more of such shows which will help in providing curated content for the audience”.


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