Geet has so far managed to escape the mental hospital, and Malhar on the other hand is trying to play against Simone; at the Mehra house, the family is enjoying Simone and Malhar’s wedding ceremonies.

Now that all the crimes against Geet and Malhar seem to conclude, destiny will once reunite the two. Now that Malhar is fully aware of Simon’s intentions, he will soon reveal her true nature. As Geet has left the hospital, she vows to take vengeance for the atrocities against her and declares that she would exact revenge on everyone responsible for ruining her life.

How will Geet contact Malhar now that she has managed to leave the hospital? Will Geet finally get rid of Simone this time and reunite with Malhar? To find out what happens next, tune into the thrilling episode of “Geet Dholi” at 8:00 PM only on Zee Punjabi.


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