The Malaysia Dental Services Market is growing owing to rise in demand for oral cleanliness, better standards of living, self-grooming and artificial dentistry: Ken Research

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Rising General Dental Awareness: The general awareness regarding the oral health and the demand for public dental policies is proving to be an important factor for the rise in dental services market in Malaysia. Factors like better standards of living, changing economy have been a reason for growth in the market.

Increasing Demand For Laser Dentistry: Laser technology has a range of dental care applications and in some cases, can even replace the need for a traditional dental drill.

Studies have shown that lasers can reduce pain and speed post-op healing while reducing bleeding. Additionally, dental studies showed that diode lasers had a 100% reduction in long-term bacteria.

Tele dentistry goes Mainstream: Automated and digitally supported workflows allow doctors to increase the amount of time spent on care-related tasks. Lack of qualified personnel and pressure to optimize utilization will have a knock-on effect on adoption of digital solutions. However, tele-dentistry or telecommunication consultation with dentists is becoming one of the solutions to overcome problems related to access to dentists. According to the CDC, telehealth visits increased 154% in the first week of the pandemic. Not only can tele dentistry provide a substitute for in-person care, but it is also improving healthcare by increasing frequency and improving access.

Technological Advancement: The Internet of Dental Things offers a ‘smart’ dental health care strategy that has enormous promise in reaching out to patients in an increasing range of dental disciplines, including oral and maxillofacial pathology and surgery, prosthodontics and implant dentistry, periodontics, and oral public health. It is also improving the preventive care process. Recent technological advancement results in solutions that provide better clinical outcomes, enable treatments previously deemed too complex or even impossible, are easy to use, saves time and seamlessly integrates with other digital solutions.

Analysts at Ken Research in their latest publication Malaysia Dental Services Market Outlook to 2026F- Driven by Rising Dental Awareness, Cosmetic Dentistry, Government Policies and Increase in Disposable Income” by Ken Researchobserved that Dental Services market is an emergent healthcare market in Malaysia at a rebounding stage from the economic crisis after pandemic. The rising government policies and demand for cosmetic dentistry, dental consciousness among the population along with government initiatives is expected to contribute to the market growth over the forecast period. The market is expected to grow at a 5.4% CAGR during 2021-2026F owing to the rise in economy of the country, increasing consciousness towards looks and new government policies.


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