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Thursday, November 26th, 2020

# MakeAChange campaign pledges to create a difference

New Delhi, After seventy-two years of claiming sovereignty from foreign capitalism, independence from corruption and other social issues is still a myth in our country. To stir conversations around them, this Independence Day, Inshorts has rolled out its latest digital campaign #MakeAChange. The idea is to use the power of design and creatives to reach out to the digitally connected native, and trigger thoughts around how they can contribute to the dynamics of this change. Built on the insight of first acknowledging the existence of issues and then contemplating to resolve them right from the grassroots level, the creatives showcase five important issues that India is grappling with currently and can be solved in an individual capacity. Starting from illiteracy and pollution, to hunger clean water shortage and bribery and corruption; the #MakeAChange campaign aims to distribute thought provoking creatives so as to make more people feel responsible for this change. Commenting on the launch, Tarun Arora, Chief Marketing Officer, Inshorts said, “As a brand focused on understanding the pulse of millennials, we at Inshorts believe that our campaigns are all aimed at starting a dialogue and ushering in a change in existing mindsets. With a massive outreach across the country in tier 1,2 and 3 cities, we have been able to successfully aggregate views of youth across all demographics on a common platform. This gives us leverage in terms of spreading the message and creating an impact throughout.” #MakeAChange campaign is our sincere effort to reach out to our readers and create awareness about various social issues that India is still dealing with after seventy-two years of being free. We have already received 1.2  lakh pledges from our readers, who have agreed to together bring about a change in the country. Hoping to garner a great response in the next few days.” added Tarun. Gourav Phulwaria, Head of Design, Inshorts added, “The brief was to design creatives in the form of fact cards which would instantly grab eyeballs and get the reader to think. Considering we have a young team working with us, they can easily connect with the thought process of millennials today and therefore the creatives have an excellent edge in terms of blending facts with the design.” The campaign aims to inform the responsible millennials of India about the gravity of each issue via fact cards, motivate them through inspiring quotes from famous Indian leaders, suggest them with the small steps they can take to help eliminate the problem, thus encouraging them to pledge towards making a change. #MakeAChange campaign is live from August 10 to August 15, 2018. The campaign has received more than 1.2 lakh pledges pan-India and expect at least 2 lakh pledges by the end of the campaign. The total number of pledges taken by the users are displayed live on the App.



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