Sunday, July 12th, 2020

'Make yourselves lofty like us! Knock down the walls of hatred and nurture noble thoughts in your minds: Satpal Maharaj

INVC,, Chandigarh, India is crowned by the world's highest peaks which seem to be saying, 'Make yourselves lofty like us! Knock down the walls of hatred and nurture noble thoughts in your minds!' says spritiual master Satpal Maharaj  M.P and Chairman of Parliamentary standing committee on defence also.While addressing a huge gathering in Sadbhawana Sammelan organized by a local unit of social organization Manav Utthan Sewa Samiti(MUSS) here in sector 34 exhibition  ground on Sunday he said why  People from other countries have always been attracted to India. Throughout history, famous explorers and travellers journeyed to India from China, Japan, Tibet, Indonesia and Europe, because India has always been known as the land of spirituality. India's saints and sages developed a universal spiritual path which can guide the entire human race. India has always exalted the ideal of non-violence. Mahatma Gandhi said, “Real education is the evolution of the spirit”, but nowadays we are making zero spiritual progress. Our spiritual heritage teaches us to help one another, to love our fellow man. Whatever you share with others comes back to you multiplied. While  stressing on the spiritual vistion for manking he said  Even though India is the land where Divine Masters lived and taught, nowadays the poison of untouchability, prejudice is eating away at society like a cancer. Despite all the laws and legal structures which have been created, man still hates man. Why? Doesn't he realise the God also dwells in the lowly and the downtrodden? We feel like this because we have lost our spiritual vision. He said We have forgotten the Knowledge which turned a prince Siddhartha into a Buddha. We have lost contact with the experience which changed people into saints and sages. We pay homage to the divine experience that Siddhartha had, due to which he is worshipped around the world. If we have the same experience, our lives will also be transformed. Society and the times can only be changes when we ourselves change. When we change, society will also change and our children will inherit a Golden Age.”

Why Sadbhawana Sammelans to be needed:

To acquaint people with its spiritual and charitable objectives and to establish harmony and unity amongst the people, the Society organizes spiritual gatherings on a very large scale all over India and abroad, being attended by large numbers of people from all walks of life, at which representatives of various religious and social organizations, as well as eminent personalities, are invited to speak. The membership of M.U.S.S. is drawn from all levels and communities and it is totally opposed to casteism and untouchability. Anyone is welcome at any of its ashrams(3000 in India and abroad) and centers. To eliminate all the social distinct disparities, and to establish mutual love and brotherhood in human beings irrespective of their caste, creed, religion and nationality,



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