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Friday, September 25th, 2020

Make in india lithium ion automobile batteries captures policy makers attention

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New Delhi, Move over permitting companies including those from private sector to access the technology for mass production of Lithium-Ion batteries for electric vehicles has grabbed government’s attention. Indian Space Research Organisation (ISRO) who has already been approached by the government for the same will now come up with an agenda to make this a systematic and smooth affair. This move has a good response from the automobile companies, battery manufacturers and public sector undertakings. Some of the companies have shown earnest interest to produce the indigenous Lithium-ion batteries and have already reached out to ISRO. Government’s finding reveal that the cost of Lithium-ion batteries is escalated considering the small volume of procurement. Now this bulk procurement and mass production can help reduce the cost by almost 80%, which is imperative to push demand. Currently all Lithium-ion batteries are imported and high-priced. Such batteries have high-power, but these weigh less and their volume also does not match up to that of conventional batteries. Welcoming this move of Government, country’s leading electric vehicle players   Lohia Auto Industries, CEO Ayush Lohia said “We hope with enough supply of lithium ion batteries and domestic manufacturing, electric vehicle industry will have much desire push. With the changed scenario and indigenous production the rates of electric vehicle will be more competitive and help in creating further demand.” “The future of EVs in fact looks quite promising for electric cars, electric bikes and e-rickshaws plying on Indian roads. And the indigenous technology to manufacture such high-power batteries for automobiles is a master stroke for the industry as the government has kept its promise of promoting EVs. It will reduce fossil fuel dependence and pollution, and prove beneficial for both consumers and the nation in the long run.” Added Mr Lohia It will be a major boost to the e-bike players as they will be utilizing the revolutionary Lithium-ion technology for its battery packs. The Lithium-Ion batteries can be charged or discharged at any time irrespective of their existing charge levels and with this the demand will surely go up. With Lithium-ion technology the e-bike players will be able to offer exceptional total charging time which will be far lesser than that of any Lead Acid charging the in the market . It contributes not only towards saving the environment by saving precious and depleting fossil fuels but also gives an economically viable proposition compared to other IC Engine or Lead Acid based Electric Vehicles. This move is also in sync with government’s aims to make India a 100% electric vehicle nation by 2030 as these machines not only help users save money, but also promote a safe and clean environment which is the biggest health concern today. And the underlining factor remains that batteries are the key components of any electric vehicle. So it is surely a win-win situation for all!



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