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Radha Mohan Singh, Union Minister for Agriculture met the Director General, FAO, Mr. Jose Graziano da silva on the sidelines of the FAO conference in Rome today. During the meeting, the Minister congratulated Mr. DA Silva on his re-election as DG, FAO and the two sides agreed to make efforts to enhance cooperation in the field of agriculture. Shri Singh appreciated the work done by FAO in helping countries achieve the objectives of global food security and sustainable agricultural development. DG, FAO commended India’s achievements in the field of agriculture.

The Minister highlighted the measures being taken by the government to improve the conditions of Indian farmers particularly in the field of irrigation, financial inclusion of farmers, soil health cards for farmers, enhanced investments, better targeting of benefits for farmers etc. DG, FAO complimented India’s mammoth plan to provide 140 million soil health cards to all its farmers and observed that it could be model for other countries particularly in the context ofFAO’s declaration of 2016 as the international year of soils. DG, FAO invited India to make a presentation on this program in FAO’s upcoming conference in Bangkok in August, 2015.

FAO also agreed to participate and provide technical assistance in conservation and promotion of indigenous cattle breeds through India’s Gokul mission. Both sides agreed to build further on the rich history of collaboration between India and the FAO in the future.

Shri Singh also met the Agriculture Minister from the Islamic Republic of Iran, Mr. Mahmoud Hojjati on the sidelines of the FAO conference in Rome, yesterday. During the meeting, the two sides agreed to make efforts to enhance cooperation in the field of agriculture particularly to boost trade in various commodities of mutual interest including rice, wheat, oilseeds etc, cooperation in agricultural research, mutual capacity building, technical collaboration in fisheries, cooperation in seed and fodder development etc. It was agreed that efforts would also be made to put in place an institutional framework to improve cooperation in the field of agriculture between the two countries.


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