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Thursday, September 24th, 2020

Mahatma Gandhi, an inspiration to Successive Generations : Arun Jaitley

arun Jaitley ,e-version of the collected works of Mahatma Gandhi,arun JaitleyINVC NEWS New Delhi, Shri Arun Jaitley, Minister for Finance, Corporate Affairs & Information and Broadcasting today launched the electronic version of “The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi”, a monumental document of Gandhiji’s words as he spoke and wrote, day after day beginning from 1884 till 30th January 1948 at Gandhi Peace Foundation. The Minister also uplinked the e-version on the Gandhi Heritage Portal, a comprehensive repository of authentic Gandhiana. The portal hosts e-CWMG in a searchable pdf format to ensure easy and free accessibility of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi for people across the world. On the occasion, Shri Jaitley also announced that the Hindi version of the monumental work CWMG (Sampoorna Gandhi Vangmaya) would be digitized soon. Minister of State (I&B), Col. Rajyavardhan Singh Rathore, Secretary (I&B), Shri Sunil Arora and Members of the Expert Committee were present on the occasion. Speaking on the occasion, Shri Jaitley said the intrinsic and heritage value of the e-CWMG Project had the collaboration and partnership of institutions that have been founded and nurtured by Gandhiji himself. Shri Jaitley said that this digitized version of the Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi  would be instrumental in  preserving the valuable national heritage and disseminating it for all humankind. Shri Jaitley also mentioned that the Mahatma was a true visionary, whose thought process had touched various facets of human life. His understanding of a wide range of issues had enabled the creation of a moral environment which in the long run forced the British to leave India. His writings had been inspirational in weaving humanity together. The documentation of his work through an e-version was truly inspirational for followers on the e-platform. At the same time it was a truly collectors’ item available to all followers of Gandhiji’s philosophy. Speaking earlier, Secretary I&B, Shri Sunil Arora said that in order to preserve the invaluable heritage of Gandhiji and make it available to future generations for all times to come, Publications Division had taken up the task of preparing the e-version of the 100 volumes of GWMW in 2011. Shri Arora further said that in order to maintain the authenticity of this important work, it was decided to have a facsimile-based version in electronic form for preservation. It was also decided to make it into a searchable master copy in PDF format so that people could benefit of Gandhiji’s life and thought in a simple and easy manner. The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi (CWMG), published by the Publications Division, is a monumental document of Gandhiji’s words which he spoke and wrote in the period 1884 to 1948. In this series, his writings, scattered all over the world, have been collected and constructed ethically and with stringent academic discipline and loyalty. The Collected Works of Mahatma Gandhi took about 38 years in the making (1956-1994). They are a series of one hundred volumes, running into over 55,000 pages, intricately connected across the series, as an integrated whole. The CWMG-original-KS-edition volumes were published in the years 1956 to 1994.The Electronic Master Copy (Volumes 1 to 100) recently prepared is in the form of a searchable PDF beta version, matched with the original-KS-edition fully verified with the original source-documents. It retains the original architecture – volume structure, font structure, line structure, page structure – including its visual look – fully and loyally. The task of preparing the Electronic Master Copy of the CWMG-original-KS-edition has been accomplished by the Gujarat Vidyapith, Ahmedabad, India on behalf of DPD.  Execution of the task involved an intensely focused, organic, and stringently supervised effort over a period of four years.  A Committee of three experts constituted for the purpose of supervising this work had the following eminent Gandhian scholars: a)      Prof. Sudarshan Iyengar, former VC, Gujarat Vidyapith b)      Prof. Tridip Suhrud, Director, Sabarmati Ashram Preservation & Memorial Trust c)      Ms. Dinaben Patel – A renowned Gandhian Scholar The Gandhi Heritage Portal at the Sabarmati Ashram Preservation and Memorial Trust, Ahmedabad will also host the electronic Master Copy – searchable PDF beta version. The original manually prepared indexes – appearing at the end of each volume, and in the two volumes, of Subjects and of Persons – give varied, numerous and logical profiles of Gandhiji’s life and thought, action and engagements. Also, the Prefaces, as written for respective volumes when published, take us on an epic journey through his life and the nation in the making. Together, these navigators guide us far and wide and into the depths where computer technology may not lead us.



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