Mahashivratri Festival Ujjain : Mahashivratri festival will be celebrated for nine days from tomorrow


Ujjain :  Although there are millions and crores of Shiva temples all over the world, but the court of the world famous Baba Mahakal is something unique. Here all the festivals start from the courtyard of Baba Mahakal. The excitement of Mahashivratri festival is also visible for the entire nine days. In this temple, nine days before Shivratri, special worship, consecration and adornment of Baba Mahakal is done. The unique devotees of Baba Mahakal also celebrate this festival with the same pomp and show as a wedding.

In the nine-day festival, Baba Mahakal is made a groom after applying turmeric paste and is also decorated in different forms every day. This year, this festival is going to start from Panchami of Phalgun Krishna Paksha, Thursday 29 February 2024, which will continue till Mahashivratri, Trayodashi of Phalgun Krishna Paksha, 8 March.

Pandit Abhishek Sharma Bala Guru, priest of the world famous Shri Mahakaleshwar Temple, said that from the Panchami of Phalgun Krishna Paksha, the festival of Mahashivratri festival will be seen in the temple which will last for nine days. He told that this festival will start after worshiping Lord Shri Koteshwar Mahadev present near Koti Tirtha Kund at 8 am on Thursday, 29th February.

It is believed that Koteshwar Mahadev is the presiding deity of Koti Tirtha Kund. For this reason he will be worshiped first. After that Lord Mahakaleshwar will be worshipped. After worshiping and anointing Lord Koteshwar from 8:00 to 9:00 in the morning, turmeric will be applied to him. After this 11 Brahmins will recite Laghu Rudra. After this, there will be Bhog Aarti and at 3 pm evening worship of Lord Mahakaleshwar will be done and special adornment will be done.

Baba Mahakal’s makeup will remain like this for nine days

Wearing clothes on the first day: The nine days before Shivratri are special. On the first day of Shiva Navratri, Baba Mahakal is adorned with sandalwood. Turmeric is offered to Jaladhari.

Sheshnag on the second day: On the second day Baba Mahakal is decorated in the form of Sheshnag. On this day Baba Mahakal will appear to the devotees in the form of Sheshnag.

Third day Overcast: On the third day Baba Mahakal will appear to the devotees in the form of overcast.

Chhabina on the fourth day: On the fourth day, Baba Mahakal is decorated as Chhabina, which is a youthful form. Baba Mahakal is decorated like a prince.

Holkar on the fifth day: On the fifth day of Shiv Navratri, Mahakal Baba will be decorated as per Holkar traditions.

Manmahesh on the sixth day: On the sixth day of Shiva Navratri, Baba Mahakal will be decorated as Manmahesh. In this form, Mahakaal will be adorned in the form of Lord Shiva.

Uma Mahesh on the seventh day: On the seventh day Baba Mahakal appears to the devotees in the form of Uma-Mahesh along with Mother Parvati. On this day, the form of both Mahakal Baba and Mother Parvati is visible to the devotees.

Shiva Tandav on the eighth day: On the eighth day Baba Mahakal appears to the devotees in the form of Shiva Tandav. In this form, the devotees get to see the fierce form of Mahakaal.

Formless on the ninth day: On the last day of Shiva Navratri, Mahakal is decorated as a groom. A headgear of several quintals of flowers is offered to Baba.

You too experience the divine excitement of Mahashivratri festival at Mahakaleshwar Temple in Ujjain. Also immerse yourself in nine days of spiritual celebrations and sacred rituals amidst the glory of Baba Mahakal .


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