Madhya Pradesh Toll Tax Surge: Toll tax increased from today

Madhya Pradesh Toll Tax Surge
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Bhopal :  Traveling on the road in Madhya Pradesh will now become more expensive. Toll tax has been increased on many national highways and state highways of the state. The new rates of toll tax will be applicable from April 1. The government has approved the tax increase. Toll tax has been increased by about 7.50 percent. Road travel will become expensive in the state from April 1. Toll tax has been made expensive for four national highways and six state highways of the state from next month.

This increase has been made by the National Highway Authority of India i.e. NHAI and MPRDC which will be effective from April 1. Where toll rates have been increased, their rates have been released. In the list, the toll for car drivers on Indore Dewas bypass has been fixed at Rs 65, while the toll for bus-trucks is Rs 220.

Traveling from Indore to Ahmedabad, Indore to Dewas and Dewas to Biaora will become expensive. However, no changes have been made on some routes. There will be relief for those passing through Mangliya toll on AB Road on Indore-Dewas route. There has been no increase in the toll rate for cars here, but the toll for buses and trucks has been increased to Rs 65. Now Rs 160 toll will have to be paid for cars at Mehtwara toll on Indore Ahmedabad route.

Toll for trucks and buses has been increased to Rs 505. At Dattigaon toll, toll will be Rs 140 for car and Rs 445 for truck or bus. A total car toll of Rs 235 will have to be paid at Chhapra and Rojwas toll on Biaora route via Dewas. NHAI has increased toll tax on some roads but the old rates are applicable on most of the old roads.

According to the information, toll amount on 10 national highways and state highways of MP has been increased from April 1. The toll here has been increased by about 7.50 percent. The areas where toll has increased include four national highways of the state. Here, toll tax will not increase on 92 roads of MP.


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