Madhya Pradesh Employee Forum Advocates 4% Inflation Allowance and Seventh Pay Scale

Dr. Mohan Yadav
Dr. Mohan Yadav

Bhopal : The demand for a 4% cost-of-living allowance increase from the government sparked discussions during a recent employee forum held under the banner of the Madhya Pradesh Employees’ Forum. Led by Ashok Pandey, the state president, the meeting unfolded at the Indira Nikunj Nursery 74 Bungalow. The primary focus was on proposing a 4% inflation allowance for state employees from July, and granting permanent employees the benefits of the seventh pay scale.

Understanding the Demand

The crux of the meeting revolved around advocating for the allocation of a 4% cost-of-living allowance by the government, a move that was unanimously agreed upon during the meeting.

The Employee Meeting

Insights from the meeting were pivotal in cementing the demand for a 4% inflation allowance and the acceptance of the seventh pay scale for permanent employees. The decision to convene the state conference on January 21, 2023, in Bhopal was a strategic move put forth during this gathering.

Proposal for Cost of Living Allowance

The essence of the meeting was to propel the government to meet the demands set forth by the employees, with notable leaders like Ashok Pandey, Sunil Pathak, Shyam Bihari Singh, and others spearheading the discussions.

Meeting’s Decision

The unanimous decision to organize the state conference in Bhopal was a strategic step to push the agenda forward.

Future Actions

With a significant number of members attending, plans for the state conference were set into motion.

Planned State Conference

Scheduled for January 21, 2023, in Bhopal, the state conference is anticipated to address the concerns raised in the employee meeting.

Key Figures in the Meeting

Leaders like Ashok Pandey, Sunil Pathak, Shyam Bihari Singh, Shiv Prasad Sangule, Satyendra Pandey, and others played pivotal roles in the meeting.

Members Present

A multitude of members including Ashok Pandey, Sunil Pathak, Shyam Bihari Singh, and numerous others were present, collectively representing various employee categories.

Current State of Affairs

Despite demands and court orders, the government has yet to fulfill the promised 7% pay scale and the 4% inflation allowance for permanent employees.

Unfulfilled Benefits

The delay in providing the inflation allowance and the seventh pay scale, even after six months of the center’s implementation, has left over 7.5 lakh employees and 48,000 permanent employees in the state awaiting these benefits.

Employee Dissatisfaction

An increasing discontentment prevails among regular and irregular employees, with the latter, despite a Supreme Court order, not being regularized after ten years of service.

Disregard for Court Orders

The non-adherence to the Supreme Court’s order to regularize irregular employees after ten years of service is causing widespread dissatisfaction among employees.

Addressing Anomalies

Discrepancies in salary distribution, particularly in roles like village guards, security personnel, and part-time guards, are causing further discontent.

Unmet Minimum Wage

Roles like village guards, security personnel, and part-time guards are not receiving the mandated minimum wage, adding to the discontent among various employee categories.

Discontent among Different Job Categories

A comprehensive discussion unfolded regarding the grievances of various employee categories, highlighting the need for immediate redressal.

The Plight of Various Roles

Roles like panchayat watchmen, security guards, and forest protection guards are being denied the minimum wage mandated by the Labor Commissioner.

Demanding Immediate Approval

The Employee Forum put forth a proposal welcoming the newly appointed Chief Minister while urging immediate approval for the primary demands.

Welcoming the New Chief Minister

In a gesture of welcome to the new Chief Minister, the Employee Forum requested immediate approval of their demands from the government.

Final Proposal

The Employee Forum concluded the meeting by passing resolutions, emphasizing the urgency of approving the pending demands.

Meeting Resolutions

Resolutions were passed urging the government to promptly address the demands made during the meeting, citing the dissatisfaction prevailing among state employees.

 Crucial for the government

The employee meeting held under the Madhya Pradesh Employees’ Forum shed light on the pressing demands of over 7.5 lakh employees and 48,000 permanent employees awaiting a 4% inflation allowance and the benefits of the seventh pay scale. It remains crucial for the government to address these concerns promptly.


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