Global pharma major Lupin Limited (Lupin) announced  the launch of Sciflix, an educational mobile adaptable website for medical students who are pursuing post-graduation with chest specialization. Curated by Lupin for clinical enhancement, Sciflix is a comprehensive learning platform in pulmonology where all scientific needs of post graduate

students will be addressed by a multisource library under one roof.


Knowledge is an investment that pays the best dividends for the communities that we partner with. When we analysed the constant flow of pulmonology related information and the busy schedules of

students pursuing medicine, it became apparent that there is an inherent need for an agile medlearning repository. Sciflix is a special initiative by Lupin to assist future pulmonologists in staying

abreast of the latest medical advances relevant to their specialty.


Rajeev Sibal, President, India Region Formulations, Lupin said “We live in a time when medical knowledge is dynamic and changing by the minute. With Sciflix, we strive to make it easier for

students pursuing pulmonology to access to the latest research and medical innovations at the touch of their fingertips. Lupin has curated the full range of current evidence-based content to aid doctors

in their clinical decision making and as a result improve patient outcomes.” The mobile compatible website can be accessed by both android and apple devices by medical students across the country for free


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