Experience seamless in-flight connectivity with Lufthansa’s unlimited free messaging on A320 flights. Stay in touch with loved ones and enjoy reduced streaming tariffs. Elevate your travel experience above the clouds.

Revolutionizing In-Flight Connectivity: Lufthansa Unveils Unlimited Free Messaging and Reduced Streaming Tariffs

In the ever-evolving landscape of air travel, Lufthansa takes a pioneering leap forward by enhancing the passenger experience above the clouds. Starting mid-January 2024, Lufthansa is set to redefine in-flight communication on its short- and medium-haul flights with the introduction of unlimited free messaging. This groundbreaking offering allows travelers to send and receive messages, including photos, on their smartphones or tablets, all while cruising at altitude on A320 family aircraft equipped with WLAN—completely free of charge.

A Sky-High Connectivity Leap

Lufthansa’s commitment to providing unparalleled service is underscored by a significant investment of approximately two billion euros in product and service improvements. This move is a testament to the airline’s dedication to making every journey with Lufthansa an exceptional experience for passengers. Heiko Reitz, Chief Commercial Officer of Lufthansa Airlines, highlights this commitment, stating, “We have implemented and planned many large, medium, and also smaller initiatives that make traveling with Lufthansa an even better experience.”

Free Messaging: Bridging the Sky and Beyond

The star of the show is undoubtedly the Free Messaging service, a feature that allows passengers to stay seamlessly connected with friends, family, or business associates throughout their flight. Lufthansa’s forward-thinking approach recognizes the importance of connectivity in the modern world, enabling passengers to bridge the physical gap and stay in touch above the clouds without incurring additional costs.

To access this game-changing service, passengers can log into FlyNet using their Miles & More service card number or an email address registered with the Lufthansa Group Travel ID. For added convenience, new registrations or logins can be completed during the flight, ensuring that passengers can enjoy this complimentary service with minimal hassle.

Cost-Effective Streaming and Surfing

In addition to the groundbreaking Free Messaging service, Lufthansa is also slashing prices for other in-flight internet packages, particularly streaming, by nearly 50 percent from mid-January 2024. This move aligns with Lufthansa’s broader strategy of enhancing the overall in-flight digital experience for its passengers. With reduced tariffs, passengers can indulge in streaming and surfing activities at a significantly more affordable cost, making the skies an even more enticing space for both productivity and leisure.

A Glimpse Into Lufthansa’s Vision

Heiko Reitz emphasizes, “Lufthansa is investing around two billion euros in product and service improvements.” This strategic investment goes beyond merely meeting industry standards; it is a bold step toward setting new benchmarks in air travel. The focus on both large-scale initiatives and smaller, nuanced improvements reflects a holistic approach to passenger satisfaction.

Smooth Soaring: How to Avail the Free Messaging Service

For travelers eager to leverage the Free Messaging service, the process is straightforward. Simply log into FlyNet using your Miles & More service card number or an email address registered with the Lufthansa Group Travel ID. Alternatively, if you’re not pre-registered, fear not – you can complete the login or registration process effortlessly during the flight. Lufthansa ensures that the benefits of staying connected above the clouds are accessible to all passengers, irrespective of their pre-flight preparations.

Elevating the In-Flight Experience

As Lufthansa takes the lead in redefining in-flight connectivity, passengers can look forward to a travel experience that goes beyond the ordinary. The introduction of unlimited Free Messaging and reduced streaming tariffs underscores Lufthansa’s commitment to making air travel not just a means of reaching a destination but an immersive, enjoyable journey.

In an era where connectivity is non-negotiable, Lufthansa’s strategic investment in enhancing in-flight services stands out. From staying in touch with loved ones to indulging in streaming and surfing activities, passengers now have more reasons than ever to choose Lufthansa for their journeys. As the skies become a seamless extension of our digital lives, Lufthansa is at the forefront, ensuring that the journey is just as remarkable as the destination.


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