Wednesday, July 8th, 2020

L&T Writes to steel ministry against Stainless Steel Products quality control order. Company already supplying equipment & Services to High end critical industries as per global standards.


Country’s largest Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) company and key member of Process Plant and Machinery Association of India (PPMAI)  has written to Ministry of Steel against Stainless Steel product Quality Control (QC) order 2016 and urged it to keep the  to intervene and keep the quality control order in abeyance as it is not possible to get BIS Certificate in such a short period and more over most of the Stainless steel required for critical industries is not manufactured in India. L& T in its letter has said that the company company presently supplies critical equipment to projects of national importance and core sectors including Oil & Gas,Fertilizers, Chemical, Nuclear, Defence and Aerospace as manufactured as per international standards /process and design  provided by licensors. Owing to stringent process requirements the raw material required are specified to international standards like ASME/ASTM and EN. As per the letter there are very few Stainless Steel suppliers who presently have BIS Certification as mandated by the QC order for the grades of Stainless steel used by L&T. More over the individual suppliers have restrictions like maximum width and maximum thickness. Company has to depend on various national and international suppliers to fulfil technical needs . To comply with Stainless Steel products Quality control order its not possible to get BIS certification within specified Three months  for these  Stainless steel suppliers .Company has asked for extension of at least One year for implementation of the quality control Order



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