New Delhi,
Love was in the air this Valentine’s Day, as we saw our favourite celebrities spending time and pouring love on their significant others. But the love didn’t end with the real-life couples; some of our favourite fictional couples also showed off their incredible chemistry and playful banter.

Recently, our favourite on-screen Jodi Devansh and Nayan from Zee Punjabi’s famous show ‘Nayan jo Vekhe unvekha’s’ went Live on Facebook with the host of another popular show ‘Superstar Nuh’’s Misha Sarowal from the channel Zee Punjabi.

The stars went live in the order of the channel’s Valentine special Facebook live series. There the on-screen couple shared their valentines plan and gave a glimpse into what value the word ‘Love’ holds for them. On being asked ‘What love means to Nayan and Devansh?’ by the host Misha Sarowal, Nayan aka Ankita Saili answered “Love for Nayan means protection of her husband Devansh.” And for herself as Ankita the meaning doesn’t change much as she always strives to be protective and caring of people around her or to whom she feels attached to.” Whereas for Devansh aka Manjeet S Makkar, “love for me is something that happens naturally and that is something I can relate to in real life as well” said the actor.


The performers have received a lot of admiration from the fans and continue to receive it on a regular basis. Tune in to Zee Punjabi at 8:30 p.m. Monday through Friday to follow their journey and experience the narrative of love, fiction, and magical abilities, or watch it anytime on Zee5.


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