Lord Krishna’s Favorite Bhog is packed with many Health Benefits


– Mehak Sethi –

Janmashtami, or more popularly known as Krishna Janmashtami is the birthday of Lord Krishna which is celebrated with great fervor and zeal in India during the monsoon month is right here. Makhan Mishri is known to be Lord Krishna’s favorite food .It is said that Mother Yashoda would herself feed Krishna his favourite delight Makhan Mishri (sweetened white butter) every day, but so fond was Krishna of Maakhan that he would even go stealing butter across his village as soon as it was churned.The impish act earned him the famous name ‘Maakhan Chor’. And on the pious occasion of Janmashtami, devotees specially prepare it for ‘bhog’ of Lord Krishna on this special festival of Janmashtmi.

Makhan Mishri is a mixture of fresh white butter with a sprinkle of coarsely ground mishri. The Makhan Mishri Bhog is an essential item of the Chappan bhog (the traditional 56 items prepared to offer Bal Gopal, it is first offered to Lord Krishna and then distributed to others as prasadam.

However, many people tend to refrain from consuming the makhan mishri bhog for the fear of gaining weight . However if taken in moderation it has more health benefits than what one can think.


Of course it does. White butter is known to be a great source of lecithin that helps to boost metabolism, and assimilate cholesterol and other fat constituents. Moreover, unlike the processed butter, it is low in sodium, helping you cut down on the water weight. If consumed in moderation, makhan can actually help you lose weight.


Natural lubricant for joints: It is rich in molecular structure that is known to assimilate fat and does wonders as a lubricant for Joints and helps prevent stiffness as well, when consumed daily.

Improves vision: It is a very rich source of B-carotene and therefore makhan mishri helps in improving eyesight.

Laxative agent: Makhan mishri acts as a laxative agen and hence helps in the treatment of piles.

Gives youthful skin: Makes your skin look youthful by improving the elasticity of the skin. Yes it gives your skin a natural glow and applied together.

Cognitive growth and development: It is rich in Arachidonic Acid (AA), makhan is known to aid brain activity and, in turn, improve cognition, especially in kids .It is also known to enhance and sharpen memory.

Reduces ucers: Applying makhan mishri on mouth ulcers regularly helps to reduce the size of ulcers.

Boosts immunity: Makhan mishri helps build immunity. It also helps in curing a sore throat.


Gives you better endurance: Apart from its mesmerizing  taste, makhan mishri provides a boost of energy along with better endurance.

Aids better digestion: The digestive properties of mishri are such that it begins the process of digestion immediately. Hence, it is good to have makhan mishri after a meal to promote digestion too.


Energy: Interestingly, apart from giving you a nice conclusion to your satisfying meal, the refreshing taste of makhan mishri provides an energy boost in a post-meal slump as well.

Therefore, a combination of makhan and mishri isn’t as unhealthy as you think. Just make sure that you make the makhan at home.

For people who are fasting can include the following wonderful cereals in their fasting meal :

Singhare ka atta (water chestnut flour),Kuttu ka atta (buckwheat flour),Rajgira ka atta (amaranth flour) and rajira (amaranth),Sama ke chawal ka atta (barnyard millet flour) and vrat ke chawal (barnyard millet) and And arrowroot flour. So you can make pethe ki sabzi with rajgira ka prantha and Samvat rice khichdi and cucumber raita for your fasting feast .

Consume Pudina chaas which is a cooling drink can be made during the day using yogurt, both buttermilk and mint (pudina) are body coolants and so their combination would double the cooling properties in this traditional drink. Mint has many health benefits and is also good for detoxification.



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