Tuesday, June 2nd, 2020

Livpure Touch 2000+&Livpure Envy+ with‘RO 2000 TDS Membrane’which can purify water from any source

Luminous water TechnologiesINVC, Chandigarh, Luminous water Technologies, India’s most advanced&fastest growing water PurifierCompany, has now taken a challenge to purify any source of water& make it100% safe & pure to drink. Luminous Water Technologies’ two most innovative products Livpure Touch 2000+&Livpure Envy+ are equipped with ‘RO2000 TDSMembrane,which not only removes dissolved impurities such as chemicals and salts from water, all disease causing bacteria & viruses to give safe and pure natural tasting water. India’s Fastest Growing Water Purifier Brand Livpure, which has introduced RO 2000 TDS membrane, is on mission “ShudhPaani, Swasth Bharat”. To fulfill its ambitious mission, Livpure has worked hard to design and develop products which will ensure purity at every household. This time also Livpurehas come up with High TDS compatible membranes in Livpure Touch 2000+&‘Livpure Envy+’& provides solution to any kind of impurities present in the water. Livpure Touch 2000+ has also been awarded with The Water Digest Water Awards (2013-14) in association with UNESCOas the Innovative Domestic Water Purifier (Best RO + UV + UF). Pure Drinking Water is one of the majorchallenges in Semi -Urban Cities and even in Metro Cities of Our country. As the problem of hardness in water is increasing and source of water is multiple – tanker, tap and bore well and contaminants are over 150, this challenge requires EXPERTISE to ensure pure safe water from any source. Now Livpure is giving crystal clear and pure water using a reverse osmosis based system to its customers and solves all the challenges. Total Dissolved Solids (TDS) determines the amount of organic and inorganic matters present in water. The TDS level differsfrom region to regionthus varying the taste of water. Livpure Touch 2000+ &‘Livpure Envy+is designed to cater to the varying TDS levels and reduce the hardness without affecting the taste of water. In other words we can say that Livpure Touch 2000+ &‘Livpure Envy+RO Water Purifiersare the best solution for any type of impure water. There Pre-Activated carbon filter with high absorption capacity and 7 stage purification process eliminates 1.0 crore microbes in 1(one) liter of water. It has RO + UV+UF + Taste Enhancer which converts impure water into purified water adding bliss to every sip.



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