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Life Skills – Need of Hour– Lt Col Atul Tyagi retd –


With the sway of materialism on all facets of life, with the march of technology overwhelming the world activities & with enhanced desire for physical comfort, the need for introduction of life skills was never felt as much as now. Stress is a phenomenon permanently indexed to individuals as a result of fast paced process driven race where human sensitivities have barely any scope for flourishing.

Life skills are set of attributes needed to be embedded in a child’s psychological sub conscious frame to counter the challenges, adverse & uninvited issues. Life skills is the sum total of human skills needed, to add value & quality to our life. They represent the psycho-social skills that determine valued behavior and include reflective skills such as problem-solving and critical thinking, to personal skills such as self-awareness, and to interpersonal skills. Life skills as set of applications require be practicing & implementing in our habits, living & thinking. The idea of life skills is to develop all encompassing qualities in a person

They say one life is for learning & one for living based on learning. Time is short as a major portion of time is trifled or left out without initiating the basics of life skills required to introduce a balance between personal & professional life. There can be no tomorrow because the issue stares right there before our eyes today.

Core Life Skills:

            – Self Awareness

            –  Empathy

            –  Critical thinking

            –  Rational Decision making

            –  Quick Problem Solving

            –  Effective Communication

            –  Strong Interpersonal relationship

            –  Coping with stress.

Vital life Skills

–       Decision Making – The skill has singular impact on the personal & professional life.


–       Interpersonal Deals– The skill has tremendous to do with the relationship with others.



–       Self worth skills– The skills enable us to determine our potential from one end to another. Unless one knows himself clear, how is it feasible to offer his right contribution at right place with right kinds of people. 


 Components of Life Skills

–       Thought   A thought is the seed for all activities what we witness.  A thought sets the stage for drama of actions & reactions & complex rigmarole in life thereafter.  A gentle & rational thought evokes one set of soothing outcome; an evil thought brings cacophony effect. The ingredients like hope, despair, fear, stress, anger, pleasure, excitement, frustration, failure, confidence, are results of the quality of thought.  It is imperative that the thought is designed by the impact of skills attributes.

–       Cause & Effect    What we sow, so we reap is famous phrase. The entire life is based on a cause & effect theory, as per one of the schools related to social & ethical thoughts. Life skills can make it easier to understand the relationship between two phenomenons.


–       SWOT   To comprehend & align with the issues in life, skills are needed & the same can be learnt easier & faster with the understanding of own attributes – strengths, weaknesses, & conditions – opportunities & threats/challenges. Life skills play a pivotal role in sharpening the personal attributes according to the conditions.


Art to Evolve   Life is complex circuitous evolution of happenings. The wheel moves consistently & fast; many things appear in control & governed however many things appear not in control & occurring on their own. Many things happen which satisfy us & leave us instantly happy; many things however happen leaving us disappointed & despondent. We must be equipped to deal with situations at ease with maintenance of calm posture & feeling of equanimity. The strategy to develop a better mental frame to deal with daily occurrences is to mature the mind addressing following features through life skills:

–       Effective Communication skills

–       Rationality based Problem solving

–       Decision making abilities skills

–       Effective Interpersonal relationship skills

–       Self analysis

–       Empathy

–       Positive Attitude

–        Ability to deal with Stress

Conclusion One major drawback of modern professional education is that the technical knowledge is not coupled with equanimity & effective rational human tools which soften the rigor & friction caused by the movement associated with wheel of life. The stress & over load of work with worries have caused turmoil in the lives of majority of the people. Young people have been seen dejected & attempting acts like suicide. It is the lack of art coping with adverse conditions which is the major cause of concern to all of us. Life skills can prove to be effective medicine for such ailments.


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Certified Trainer
M.Sc, Masters in Management,LL.B

A retired Army officer possessing 26 years of rich & insightful experience in Indian Army, education & training management & Corporate. Presently working in Bhushan Steel limited, Orissa as General Manager-Administration. The officer is prolific in writing on subjects like Human values,Ethics, Human development, Soft skills & HR.

Publication / Participation
Subject contribution- Humanistic Growth in Annual edition of Bharat Institute of Technology, Meerut 2009.
Participated as guest speaker & panel member in National seminar on ‘Stress management’ organized by IIMT approved by AICTE.
Participated in seminar as guest speaker on ‘CSR – periphery to core’ organized by BIT, Meerut approved by AICTE.
Subject contribution- working with values in Vision 2011 of Radha Govind Group of Institutions, Meerut
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Participated as guest speaker & panel member in National seminar on ‘Stress management’ organized by IIMT, Meerut  approved by AICTE.
Participated as speaker & panel member on business strategies in ‘Post recession Era’ in IIMT, Meerut approved by AICTE.
Participated in National seminar ‘On creating value by embarrassing change’ & covered topic of Leadership during times of complexity & chaos organized by KITE group of institutions, Meerut approved by AICTE.
Delivered expert lecture in Faculty Induction Programme at Sharda Group of Institutions on Leadership, Impact of Attitude in life & Values & Ethics In teaching & management. 11 Jul – 4 Aug 2012.

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Lt Col Atul Tyagi retd
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