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Tuesday, June 22nd, 2021

Leveraging the Culture, Filming Techniques and Market of the BRICS Nations will be the Focus of this Festival

INVC-NEWSINVC NEWS New Delhi, Delegates from BRICS Countries emphasized on leveraging the culture, filming techniques and the market of the member nations, during the press conference today, held at Siri Fort Auditorium, New Delhi. Present at the press conference were Mr. Hugo Lorenzetti Neto (Brazil), Mr. Kirill Razligov (Russia), Mr. C. Senthil Rajan (India), Mr. Zhou Jiandong and Ms. Monica Newton (South Africa). The discussions were made on the similarities and differences in the cinema of the 5 BRICS countries, while focussing on the exchange of cultural diversities and techniques used by the cinema of these nations. Building Responsive, Inclusive & Collective Solutions or BRICS is a merger of Brazil, Russia, India, China and South Africa, where these 5 nations have come together to enhance bilateral and friendly relations. In the BRICS Summit 2015 held in Russia, Honourable Prime Minister Mr. Narendra Modi introduced the BRICS Film Festival, an addition to the yearly summits that would connect masses through the exchange of culture and art. ”Films made in a country connect to at least one of the other nations. The movies for the festival have been specially selected to showcase culture, art and history of the countries they are made in.” said Mr. Hugo Lorenzetti Neto. Mr. Kirill Razligov said that “Discussions made at the BRICS Film Festival will help us better understand the complexities and art of film making by the member nations. We all need to work in cooperation and create films together to bring people closer.” Speaking on the occasion, Mr. C. Senthil Rajan, Director, DFF said, “The BRICS Film Festival will begin a new journey to witness the growth of the rich cinema of the 5 countries. This step will be leveraged as a bridge to take cinema making to a new level through the exchange of techniques, art and ideas. Furthermore, the festival will serve as an opportunity for the people to interact and learn the culture of the participating nations.” Highlighting the role of cinema in creating friendly relations, Mr. Zhou Jiandong said, “Indian films from the period of 1970-80 were quite famous in China and today, we have movies like Xuan Zang, where the actors of China and India have worked together to create a masterpiece. Cinema plays a key role in creating harmonious relations as the films speak universal language to the world.” “BRICS Film Festival is first of its kind, which will bring the masses together. This festival is an amazing canvas to exchange the art work of the 5 countries that has never been done before. For a young country like South Africa, the sphere of innovation and development in cinema is large, where we are learning from the member nations.” added Ms. Monica Newton. The cultural diversity of the nations will also be portrayed through the Craft Fair organized at the festival, where the member countries will set up their stalls with souvenirs and products for sale. At this 5 day bioscope of culture, art, films and food, one can explore exclusive cuisines from all the BRICS nations at the Food Court, arranged in the festival venue. Starting tomorrow, the film festival will have special meets with the cast and crew from the 5 nations, movie screenings and Film Panchayats, panel discussions with renowned personalities on the topics ranging from Cinema and Nation building, Women in BRICS Cinema, BRICS coproduction , Opportunities and Challenges, etc.



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