Dr.-Sanjay-Gupta,-Senior-CoINVC NEWS
New Delhi,

Mental health is increasingly becoming a concern with more and more people getting impacted and problems like depression increasingly becoming more prevalent. Depressive people experience feelings of despair, worthlessness and sadness. Typically, there are suicidal tendencies and thoughts. This may be associated with or without anxiety and other psychiatric disorders.

Other symptoms include staying alone, spontaneous crying, tearful eyes, uneven sleeping patterns, increased or decreased appetite, shabby look, poor self-hygiene and loss of self-control. Violence may be sometimes be an associated feature. Loss of libido is also common and people suffering from depression usually like to stay quiet. Problems of severe anorexia and poor self-keeping is found in extreme cases.

“Depression is more of a lifestyle disease these days with stress increasingly becoming a part of everyday life. This is one of the modalities of the fast life that we are living where there is competition at every step. The best ways to avoid this involves sight changes in everyday lifestyle to accommodate positive activities like exercise, meditation, yoga, sports and a good work-life balance. This when supported by a positive circle of individuals comprising of friends and family members can help the individual to come out of the problem and start living a healthy and happy life again”, said Dr Sanjay Gupta, Senior consultant Physician, VPS Rockland Hospital.


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