Industry Impact: Discord and Flipkart Echo Audible’s Workforce Changes

Layoffs latest news
Layoffs latest news

Mumbai  : Explore the dynamics of Audible’s recent workforce adjustments, CEO Bob Carrigan’s insights, and the broader industry impact. Uncover the strategic decisions shaping Audible’s path in a competitive e-commerce landscape. In the dynamic landscape of e-commerce, recent announcements from Audible, Amazon’s ownership-affiliated online audiobook, and podcast service have stirred the industry. Reports indicate a workforce reduction affecting nearly 5% of the employees, marking the third phase of job cuts within the sector this week.

The Audible’s CEO, Bob Carrigan, Addresses the Workforce Changes

In a notice to the affected employees, Audible’s CEO, Bob Carrigan, acknowledged that while the company remains in a favorable position, it faces challenges in the current demanding circumstances. Despite not disclosing the exact number of layoffs, Carrigan emphasized the need for the company to streamline its operations for sustained excellence in delivering top-tier audio storytelling within the competitive category.

The announcement follows similar workforce adjustments in Amazon’s Prime Video and MGM Studios units earlier this week, adding an interesting layer to the ongoing narrative of organizational restructuring within the e-commerce giant.

The Silence in Hiring: A Six-Month Dearth

A glance at Audible’s LinkedIn post reveals an intriguing insight into the hiring strategy. The company has refrained from making any new hires in the past six months, reflecting a stagnant headcount growth rate of 0%. This deliberate pause in hiring aligns with the broader trend observed in partner companies like MGM Studios and Prime Video, where similar downsizing initiatives have been undertaken.

It’s worth noting that this strategic approach to human resources is not unprecedented for Audible, as it had previously announced layoffs for its affiliates, MGM Studios and Prime Video.

The Industry-Wide Impact: Discord and Flipkart Follow Suit

The workforce adjustments aren’t isolated to Audible and its affiliates. Discord, a prominent social media company, has also revealed plans to let go of approximately 17% of its workforce. Simultaneously, Flipkart, a major player in the e-commerce space, recently concluded a round of layoffs affecting around 1,500 employees, constituting approximately 5-7% of its workforce.

These collective decisions underscore a common thread of recalibration within the industry, with companies strategically aligning their workforce to current market dynamics and future projections.

The What Lies Ahead: A Performance Review Driven Approach

In a proactive move, Audible has announced plans to conduct performance reviews for its remaining employees between March and April. This structured evaluation aims to assess and realign individual and team performances, potentially setting the stage for future strategic decisions.

The broader implications of these workforce changes are yet to unfold, but they undoubtedly contribute to the ongoing narrative of adaptability and resilience in the face of evolving market conditions.


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