Illegal narcotics and arms smuggling in Barmer district, situated on the India-Pakistan border, has kept the police sleepy. The police have now opened a front against drug and arms smugglers and started their arrest in a swift manner. Several teams of Barmer Police have recovered illegal arms and doda poppy in different operations in the district.

Police have recovered 3 pistols, 1 country-made pistol, 6 magazines and 23 live cartridges in a single day. At the same time, 18 kg 500 grams of illegal doda poppy have also been confiscated.

According to Acting Superintendent of Police Narpat Singh, three pistols, 4 magazines and 13 cartridges have been recovered by the Sedwa police station by raiding the resident Dhani under this special operation being run across the district. Police has arrested one accused from there. At the same time, Balotra police station has recovered an illegal country-made pistol, two magazines and 10 live cartridges. The police is busy investigating these accused thoroughly.

Police Officer: Told that apart from these, the Gida police station has arrested a minor after recovering 10 kg of illegal doda poppy. The police also seized a motorcycle used to transport illegal doda poppy from him. Police are looking for another accused in this case. Along with this, the Bijrad police station has arrested an accused who has recovered 8 kg 500 grams of doda poppy.

A bike has also been seized from this accused. The police is busy investigating about the purchase and sale of Doda poppy from these accused. Barmer Police is concerned about the supply of illegal arms in Mavarti Sedwa area. It is being told that even from across the border, consignments of illegal weapons are supplied in Barmer district. After these information, the police has now intensified its search operation in this area.

It is noteworthy that large scale smuggling of Doda poppy is done in Barmer district. The strings of many smugglers of doda-poppy here are also connected with smugglers from outside the state. PLC/GT


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