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Saturday, October 31st, 2020

Laghu Ramayan by children to mark the festivities of Diwali

INVC NEWS Gurgaon, Gurgaon- based Lancers International School came to life with Diwali celebrations in the campus. The celebrations turned out to be an enviable potpourri of talent show and entertainment. The programme commenced with an opening speech by a student highlighting the significance of the festival and urging people to celebrate ‘Green Diwali’ explaining that trivial pleasures need to be sacrificed for larger interests. The main highlight of the celebration was the Hindi play which explained the significance of Diwali in Indian mythology to students. The performance kick-started with an aarti by a group of dancers and singers and then proceeded with the narration of Laghu Ramayana told from the view of Shoorpanakha, sister of the demon king Ravana. An Indian instrumental performance and a semi-classical dance performed by the students on the occasion enthralled the audience. The rangoli competition organized by the school immersed the premises in myriad hues. Students also made a presentation urging people to come forward to celebrate ‘Green Diwali’ in view of increasing pollution levels in the city. On the occasion, Mr. Rohit Mann, Director, Lancers International School, said: “Diwali as a festival has great significance and is widely celebrated with much fervor across the country. Such festivals help students imbibe the essence of Indian culture. It was heartening to see the entire student community coming together and showcasing their unique talents on the occasion. I am also happy that many students of our school have volunteered to celebrate ‘Green Diwali’ due to increasing pollution levels in the city.”



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