Wednesday, June 3rd, 2020

KVIC - Popularising Khadi

Ruby T. Sharma** India lives in its villages. Prosperity of India depends on the prosperity of its villages. Gandhiji gave the clarion call of Gram Swaraj and Antyodaya. Gram Swaraj is village self-sufficiency through strengthening and development of small cottage based industries. Antyodaya is economic prosperity and social upliftment of the people who are at the bottom of the social and economic pyramid. Gandhiji laid solid foundation for such initiative by establishing All India Spinners Association in 1925 and All India Village Industries Association in 1934. The Government constituted the Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC) in 1957 to take forward the Gandhian system of socio-economic development of rural people through Khadi and Village industries activities. Khadi and Village Industries Commission in its’ over 50 years of existence has helped in a remarkable way for the development of India particularly its rural populace. It has covered one third villages of the country through various programmes providing earning avenues to millions of persons. Goods and services worth of Rs. 17338 crore is being produced under KVI sector and its sales-turnover stood at Rs. 22478 crore during 2008-09. The products of KVI sector are not only acclaimed in domestic market but also received tremendous response abroad as well. The natural eco-friendly products of KVI sector are most suitable for human consumption as these are totally organic and do not contain any harmful material. Ready-made garments, Khadi denim and other fashion wares have become the latest fad for the youth in the country. Designer Khadi dresses have in the recent years overpowered the traditional Khadi dresses. Under village industries, unique products have been developed under the supervision of KVIC. More prominently the organic food items, herbal and beauty products, trendy products of cane and bamboo from North Eastern States, wood carving, ayurvedic products, handmade leather products, various handicrafts specially from Rajasthan, food items, processed foods, products/ items developed from fiber, honey, paper-mache and handmade paper etc. Besides these handicrafts, tribal jewellery, lace work, phulkari work developed from the initiative of KVIC will definitely create good mileage for Khadi. Through the various schemes such as Workshed Scheme for Khadi Artisans; Enhancing Productivity and competitiveness of khadi industry and artisans; Strengthening Infrastructure of existing weak Khadi Institutions and Assistance for marketing infrastructure; Khadi will be creating greater impact. Efforts undertaken under SFURTI clusters have created tremendous market responses for KVIC. Products of “Prime Minister Employment Generation Programme” which is popularly known as “PMEGP”, are very fast coming up in the national scenario, with their various village industries products across the country. The huge craftsmanship associated with the KVI products and the association of large number of stake holders has essentially created a mass movement, transforming the spirit, passion and energy of the people into the noble cause of creating rural employment Opportunities for the poor and the needy as well as for the backward and disadvantaged section of the society. Such economic transformation has been instrumental in creating large number of opportunities for thousands of first generation entrepreneurs and enabled them not only to be gainfully employed on a satisfactory basis but also give employment to other people. *Media & Communications Officer, PIB, Delhi.



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