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Friday, December 4th, 2020

Kristal Spirits launches FASHION VODKA Party Collection in India

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Kristal Spirits India Pvt. Ltd., one of the fastest growing sales & marketing liquor company in India, today announced the launch of FASHION VODKA Party Collection in India. Kristal Spirits launched the collection in a joint venture with F Beverages Limited, an affiliated company of Fashion TV. The company aims to reach all key markets in India in the next 3-4 months and is also aiming to capture 20% market share in the premium vodka segment. Fashion Vodka was brought to the world by Michel Adam Lisowski, Founder of FTV under the concept of fashionable drinks. Termed as the “Elixir of Fashion”, the vodka is designed to mirror the signature features of the FASHION VODKA family. FASHION VODKA Party Collection follows the principles of purity, clarity and simplicity with a design that successfully represents style and confidence. The extended use of gold color in the overall product presentation makes the design more unified, conveys an extravagant mood and a reflection of high quality, as the spirit within. The company has lined up a slew of activities to promote the brand India. One such concept is that of F Parties which one of the most popular fashion parties across the globe. Speaking on the launch, Mr. Arun Aditya Singla, Managing Director, Kristal Spirits said, “India is a growing market and all major brands have made their way to India in the past of couple of years. Youth in India today is fashionable, stylish and confident and all these characteristics epitomize the FASHION VODKA Party Collection. We are getting closer to our audience by bringing in innovative concepts like F Parties and we hopeful to make it a success.”  Mr. Rahul Kashyap, CEO, Kristal Spirits stated, “FASHION VODKA Party Collection is for those who seek a fashionable lifestyle, are stylish, sociable and enjoy partying. FASHION VODKA Party Collection is enjoyed fashionably and responsibly. The company has aggressive distribution plans both for Punjab and India market. We aim to cover all major cities by the end of this year.”  All promotional activities will reflect the brand theme of ‘Elixir Of Fashion’ and all the company activities will revolve fashion. Our focus will be various kinds of ATL/BTL activities, with the support of Fashion TV.



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