President of India Addresses The Golden Jubilee Celebrations of Akhil Bhartiya Koli Samaj Through a Pre-Recorded Video Message

New Delhi ,
The President of India, Shri Ram Nath Kovind addressed the golden jubilee celebrations of Akhil Bhartiya Koli Samaj  (May 14, 2022) through a pre-recorded video message.

In his address, the President said that he would be happier if he could address the gathering in person. But due to obligations of his constitutional position, he had to go for a state visit of Jamaica and Saint Vincent and Grenadines to further strengthen India’s mutual relations with these countries.

Recalling his association with Akhil Bhartiya Koli Samaj since its inception, the President said that the golden jubilee celebration of this society is personally very satisfying and pleasant achievement for him. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to build and grow any organization. Therefore, it is a matter of pride for all of us that by moving forward together today we are all celebrating the golden jubilee of Akhil Bhartiya Koli Samaj. More satisfaction is that the members of this society have made their valuable contribution in the progress of the society and nation.

The President said that visionary people of our previous generations took small steps to give direction to the society. Subsequent generations went further. He expressed confidence that younger generations would take the identity and dignity of Koli Samaj to even higher level and members of the society would continue to present examples of modernity, sensitivity, service to humanity and patriotism. He urged every member of the Koli Samaj to take a pledge that they would not only increase the prestige of our society but also continue to contribute in the nation-building.


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