Know with what thinking Rahul Gandhi has set out on Bharat Jodo Yatra


Congress MP Rahul Gandhi has wished everyone on the occasion of Diwali. In a message written in the name of the country, he said that, on this Diwali, you must celebrate this festival even outside your family, with your brothers and sisters from any other community, any other region or language speaking, any other economic or social class. Celebrate, share happiness, light diyas and spread smiles. In his message, Rahul Gandhi said, “Happy Diwali to all the countrymen.

This festival symbolizes the victory of light over darkness and the victory of religion over unrighteousness. We light Diwali lamps in a row and it is our endeavor that not even a single lamp in this row gets extinguished. Our India is also like the link of these lamps. We have to see that not a single flame gets extinguished. Only then the country will be illuminated.

He further said, with this thought, we have set out on the India Jodo Yatra, the darkness of every village, every city has to be removed together. We have to walk in union with each other, for the glorious culture of the country, for the traditions of our beautiful festivals, for the unity in diversity of India.


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