Know why women in two piece bikini showed their body in front of Hanuman ji
Know why women in two piece bikini showed their body in front of Hanuman ji

In the 13th Mr. Junior Body Building Chief Minister Competition held in the city, a controversy has arisen over the performance of female participants on the stage. The Congress has termed as obscenity the female contestants performing bodybuilding in two pieces in front of the Hanuman statue on the stage. Here, the organizer Mayor Prahlad Patel and BJP leaders have said that the participants should come only in the prescribed clothes. In the whole case, late night there was a ruckus at the Industrial Area police station for registering a case citing objectionable comments made on Facebook by BJP leaders on Congress supporters.

Youth Congress recitation of Hanuman Chalisa

In fact, during the competition, female body instruments were performed in front of the life-size statue of Hanuman ji on the stage. The Congress strongly objected to this. Senior BJP leader and former Home Minister Himmat Kothari also reached the Congress’s Hanuman temple located in Dhan Mandi for recitation of Hanuman Chalisa and protest demonstration. The BJP people got enraged at the comments made on Facebook regarding the women body seekers involved in the competition and created a ruckus at the police station by shouting slogans for two and a half hours. The BJP tried to lock the channel gate of the police station in front of the present police officers.

Ratlam MLA had inaugurated

More than 400 participants from across the country participated in this event under the banner of Indian Bodybuilding Federation. Higher Education Minister Mohan Yadav, Ratlam MLA Chetan Kashyap and Mayor Prahlad Patel inaugurated the competition on Saturday, while several BJP leaders including Javra MLA Rajendra Pandey were present in the closing ceremony. Mayor Patel is also the patron of the event. When the female seeker was performing on the stage in the competition, the idol of Lord Bajrangbali was also enshrined on the stage. Many times female bodybuilders were seen around the idol of Lord Bajrangbali and also passed in front of it, whose videos are being circulated very fast.

CM was also going to join virtual

Chief Minister Shivraj Singh Chouhan was also going to give a virtual address in the competition, but could not join. In the case, the organizers including Mayor Prasad Patel say that the women participants also performed by wearing the same dress which is fixed in the bodybuilding competition. The Congress is unnecessarily giving importance to it.


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