Know why there was a huge fall in the prices of gold and silver


A continuous decline is being seen in the price of gold and silver. Along with bullion market, prices are continuously falling on MCX as well. After Wednesday, a softening is being seen in the rate of gold and silver on Thursday as well. If you are also planning to buy gold or silver jewelry, then this time is the best according to the market price. For the last few days, there is ups and downs in gold. Experts say that this time in the Diwali season, gold can reach Rs 65,000 per 10 grams. Similarly, silver is also being estimated to go up to Rs 80,000.

Fall in gold and silver on MCX

Gold and silver again declined further on Thursday on the Multi-Commodity Exchange (MCX). On MCX, gold fell below the psychological figure of Rs.60,000. Similarly, silver also fell below 71 thousand to Rs 70961. On Thursday, silver fell by Rs 125 to Rs 70961 per kg and gold fell by Rs 49 to Rs 59811 on MCX. Earlier on Wednesday, gold had closed at Rs 59860 per 10 grams and silver at Rs 71086 per kg.

Strong decline in bullion market as well

Bullion market rates are published on According to the rate released on Thursday afternoon, gold fell by more than Rs 400 to reach Rs 60228 per 10 grams. Similarly, silver reached Rs 70312 per kg with a loss of about Rs 800. On Wednesday, gold closed at Rs 60680 per 10 grams and silver at Rs 70312 per kg.

A decline was also seen in 23 carat gold on Thursday. With this, 23 carat gold became cheaper at Rs 59987 per 10 grams, 22 carat gold at Rs 55169 and 20 carat gold at Rs 45171 per 10 grams.


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