Know why the month of Falgun is so important


Know why the month of Falgun is so important

Falgun is a month of Hinduism, called Falgun maas in the Hindu calendar. According to Vikram Sawant, there are 12 months in Hinduism and it is the last month of the Hindu calendar. The months of February and March are in the Gregorian calendar. After this comes the month of Chaitra which is considered the beginning of the Hindu New Year. According to the Hindu calendar, each month has its own importance, thus the month of Falgun has its own importance. In Hindu religion, the change of the month depends on the lunar cycle, the constellation in which the moon is located, the name of that month is kept on the basis of the same constellation.

On the full moon day of Phalgun month, the Moon resides in the Phalguni Nakshatra, hence this month is called Phalgun month. In the month of Phalgun, summer gradually starts and winter starts decreasing. Holi and Mahashivratri are the most famous festivals of Hinduism celebrated in the month of Phalgun. It can be said that a solar year ends with the festival of Holi. In the solar religious calendar, the month of Phalgun begins with the Sun’s entry into Pisces.

Falgun month will start from February 6
In the year 2023, Falgun month is starting from 6th February 2023, Monday and this month is ending on 7th March 2023, Tuesday. In the month of Phalgun, apart from Lord Shankar, worshiping Mother Sita, Shri Krishna, Mother Lakshmi and Chandra Dev also brings auspicious results. It is a religious belief that by worshiping all these deities, one gets relief from every suffering and happiness-prosperity, wealth-prosperity is attained.

Significance of Falgun month
Falgun month has special importance in Hindu religion, Holi, Vijay Ekadashi, Phulera Duj, Mahashivratri and other festivals are celebrated in this month. Worshiping Lord Krishna in the month of Phalgun is considered especially fruitful. During this, 3 forms of Shri Krishna – Bal Krishna, Young Krishna and Guru Krishna are worshipped. Along with this, according to mythological beliefs, Chandradev was born in the month of Phalgun only, so Chandradev is also worshiped in this month. Doing charity, virtue and offering in this month is considered beneficial. Donating pure ghee, mustard oil, grains, clothes etc. to the poor and needy people according to their ability is fruitful. This gives virtue. Fathers get spiritual peace.

Major festivals of Phalgun month
17 February 2023 Friday – Vijaya Ekadashi
18 February 2023 Saturday – Mahashivratri, Masik Shivratri, Pradosh Vrat, Shani Trayodashi
20 February 2023 Monday – Falgun Amavasya, Somvati Amavasya
21 February Tuesday – Phulera Duj
3 March 2023 Friday – Amalaki Ekadashi
7 March 2023 Tuesday – Holika Dahan
8 March 2023 Wednesday – Holi


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