It is very easy to follow some rules mentioned in religious texts and those who do not follow them, some problems remain in their life. In Hinduism, children are taught etiquette related things from the very beginning.

It is also told that one should not sit with feet towards the deity, guru, fire etc. Things related to this have also been told in the Kurma Purana. Today we are telling you that sitting on the side of which 8 can start your bad time and why?

Nabhiprasareyed devam brahmanan gamathapi va.
Vayvagniguruvipran va suryam va shashinam prati.

नाभिप्रसारयेद् देवं ब्राह्मणान् गामथापि वा।
वाय्वग्निगुरुविप्रान् वा सूर्यं वा शशिनं प्रति।।

Meaning- One should not stretch his feet towards the deity, brahmin, cow, fire, guru, vipra, sun and moon.

अर्थ- देवता, ब्राह्मण, गाय, अग्नि, गुरु, विप्र, सूर्य व चंद्रमा की ओर पैर नहीं फैलाना चाहिए।

1. Deities: In Hinduism, gods and goddesses are considered to be worshipped. Therefore, one should not sit or sleep on the side of the house where the temple or God’s picture is there. Due to this, the deities are insulted and we may also have to suffer inauspicious results.

2. Brahmins: According to Rigveda, Brahmins have originated from the mouth of Lord Brahma. That’s why one should not even step towards them. Because they are the real form of Brahma. By insulting them, God’s grace stops and we also have to face problems.

3. Cow: According to the scriptures, the cow is believed to be the abode of all the gods. That is why one should not sit with feet towards the cow. To do so is like calling misfortune home. So don’t forget to do this.

4. Agni: In religious texts, fire is said to be the mouth of the gods, through which the deities take food. Therefore, do not sit and sleep with your feet towards the place where the fire is burning.

5. Guru: Guru is considered superior to God in Hinduism. Guru only shows the right direction to the society and takes us from darkness to light. Therefore, one should not sit with legs stretched in the direction where the Guru is sitting.

6. Vipra: According to religious texts, a Brahmin child who studies the Vedas is called Vipra. He should also be given the same respect and respect as a Brahmin. Sitting with legs spread towards them is like insulting them. Doing so should be avoided.

7. Surya: Suryadev is also one of the five gods. They are also called direct deities. Worship of the Sun God is definitely done in worship, etc. Therefore, one should not set foot towards the Sun. Due to this your virtues are reduced.

8. Moon: In religious texts, the moon has been described as the lord of plants. Moon is also worshiped on special occasions. These are also visible to us in the form of visible deities. That is why one should not even set foot towards the moon. PLC/GT


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