Know why Nepali citizens are fighting on behalf of Russia against Ukraine

Narayan Qazi Shrestha

Deputy Prime Minister Narayan Kaji Shrestha of Nepal has revealed a significant development concerning Nepali citizens involved in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine. According to reports from Republika newspaper, Shrestha, who also serves as the Foreign Minister, stated during a parliamentary meeting that Russia has expressed its willingness to cancel the contracts of Nepali citizens engaged in the Russian army and participating in the war with Ukraine. This announcement sheds light on the complex dynamics involving Nepali individuals amidst the ongoing international crisis.

In-Principle Agreement from Russia

The revelation of Russia’s in-principle agreement to cancel the contracts of Nepali citizens fighting in its army signifies a crucial diplomatic development. While the modalities for implementing this decision are yet to be finalized, the acknowledgment from the Russian Foreign Ministry underscores the significance of international cooperation in addressing the plight of individuals caught in conflicts beyond their borders. The Nepali Embassy in Moscow is diligently monitoring the situation, reflecting the government’s commitment to ensuring the welfare and safety of its citizens abroad.

Efforts for Repatriation

Amidst the turmoil, efforts are underway to facilitate the repatriation of Nepali citizens held captive in Ukraine. The release of photographs depicting individuals in captivity highlights the urgency of this humanitarian endeavor. The government of Nepal, in coordination with relevant authorities and international partners, is actively working towards securing the safe return of its citizens from conflict zones. This concerted effort reflects the unwavering commitment to protecting the rights and well-being of Nepali nationals caught in the crossfire of geopolitical tensions.

Nepali Citizens in Combat

The involvement of Nepali citizens in the conflict between Russia and Ukraine underscores the global ramifications of armed conflicts and the complexities of international relations. While the exact number of Nepali individuals engaged in combat on behalf of Russia is not specified, reports indicate the presence of hundreds of Nepali citizens participating in the conflict. This revelation underscores the diverse range of actors involved in contemporary conflicts and highlights the need for comprehensive diplomatic efforts to address the root causes of violence and instability.

Concerns and Challenges

The presence of Nepali citizens fighting in foreign conflicts raises concerns about their safety, well-being, and legal status. Despite the noble intentions of those involved, the realities of warfare entail significant risks and challenges. The lack of clarity regarding the status of Nepali citizens serving in the Ukrainian Army further complicates the situation, underscoring the need for transparent communication and collaboration between governments to safeguard the interests of their respective citizens.

Diplomatic Engagement and Resolution

In the face of complex geopolitical dynamics, diplomatic engagement and multilateral cooperation remain essential in resolving conflicts and promoting peace and stability. The acknowledgment of Russia’s willingness to address the situation concerning Nepali citizens signifies a step towards diplomatic resolution and underscores the importance of dialogue and negotiation in mitigating the impact of armed conflicts on civilian populations. Moving forward, sustained diplomatic efforts are imperative to address the underlying grievances and foster sustainable solutions to prevent future conflicts.


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